Monday, April 27, 2009

Lives we touch...

You never know who we touch with our lives.

You never know who will touch you.

I work in an industry where I get the priveledge of meeting a lot of wonderful, caring and talented people.

Many of us have even joked before that working at a Scrapbook/Stamp Store is like working as a therapist. You hear all sorts of stories and tales from all sort of people's lives. And you get to share them too.

At the Scrapbook Cupboard, where I do most of my teaching, I've met some wonderful people. People that have become good and great and even fabulous friends over the years. Where I've earned and gained some acquaintences and some close confidants.

While working at the store, I have collected friends older than me, younger than me, with kids, without kids, with husbands and even some with wives. And yet we all share a passion. The passion, the want and the desire to create something. To make something and be able to show it off, to say... I made that! and to share it. And to share it with people who will give you the opinion you want. Whether it be a critical eye or the pat on the back you need.

As I said...

You never know who's life you touch.

You never know who will touch you.

And today, I share with you a few peices of cherished art. Art a friend created. He created these ATC's for a swap knowing that I (and others) would be getting one.

I'm honored to say that I have a very small piece of Paul. They may not be big but I know, I know that he created them with his own two hands. Through sickness and health he still wanted to create these beautiful pieces of art to share with others.

I will treasure these pieces of Paul. And I will pray that he rests in peace. I will miss him.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Where am I?

Life right now is craaaazzzzzyyy. Man! Who knew.

I'm teaching -or will have taught -11 or 12 (I've lost count) classes this month at the Scrapbook Cupboard. Mix together with a Holiday (Easter), an Anniversary (our 12th) and play dates with both friends and family. Add in large helping of April vacation, some swimming lessons, flag football, reading and walking nearly everyday. Add a pinch of graveyard ettiquette. Sprinkle in a bit of arguing - and consequential groundings. Bake for approximately 24 days in cool, sometimes mild and rainy but hopefully getting hotter temperatures and you've got my life.

Or at least my life this April.

Caleb and Patrick are leaving this afternoon for the Battleship Cove Sleep over. They are both going to sleep out on the water in a large battleship with the rest of Caleb's Bear Scout Den. They lucked out, it's supposed to be a beautiful night.

Bryce and I will be off tonight to the Scrapbook Cupboard. He's going to be my helper. Tonight's Friday Feature is all about Inks. Inks, part one. If there's anything in my stash that Bryce likes to play with it's inks - so hopefully he'll behave (did you read the part about being grounded??? Yah both of them!)

I've got a few photos of the kids to share.

I've been bitten by the creative block bug but I think I'm almost over it. I started feeling some creativity come on last night. Now I've got to nurture it. I'm off to do that while the kids are outside playing!
In an effort to blog more often I'M checking out blogging via texting. Let's see if this works...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Metal Bookbinding and a Metal Jewelry Set...

I should have gotten these done last month but I've just really been overwhelmed. Not by these, it's just been everything.

The house has been a mess...
The weather's been a downer...
and I've been teaching and working so much that by the end of the day, I feel like just going to bed.

So last Saturday, I cleaned the house and tackled a bit at the mess in my studio.

The weather... well, I can't do anything about it. ~ But I do feel like Spring is 'trying' to make a presence. I finally have two daffodils in full bloom in my yard. Yes, just two. But, hey, it's a start.

Today, I taught the Spring Kandi Canvas to two good friends and tonight I have the last Silhouette 102 class. But in between, I thought... why not finish up some loose ends. And I did.

Boy, does it ever feel refreshing to finish something!!!

These are the classes I'm offering at Ink About It next month:

The first class is the Metal Jewelry Set. Anyone taking the class will have their option to use any
color of metal and any design. The jewelry bases are by Amate Studios. This class will be held on Thursday, May 14th from 10:30AM - 12:30PM.

These are fashioned after the ring I made for me to wear to my Sister's wedding. I've had more people ask me about this ring. Whenever I wear it people stop and stare and many ask me about it. It's held up wonderfully. I can even wear it while washing my hands. I've never had any problems and I've never had to reglue or replace anything. It's been very durable. ~Although, I wouldn't suggest putting your hands in any alcohol or any type of solvent. As you know, the color will come off the metal.

The second class is a remake of a favorite. It used to be smaller but with the new Ten Second Studion Kabuka molds, I had to make something a bit larger. I really like it. It's nice and sturdy and I love the design of it. I have a couple of pictures of this one for you to see. This class will be offered at Ink About It on Saturday, May 16th from 12-4PM

Now I'm off to cross something else off my list...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OK, I finally watched it...

Last Friday, I was teaching the Metal Fairy class when Melanie asked if I had watched Twilight.

My answer:

Beyond her incredulity she told me that if I didn't watch it she wasn't signing up for any more of my classes. And since she's in this Friday's Spring Kandi Canvas Class at the Scrapbook Cupboard, I thought it best to finally watch it. So I did.

First, let me say... I LOVE most things vampire, werewolf and all that paranormal type stuff. If you hadn't already guessed that by the listing of books at the bottom of my blog. I listen to them, I read them and I watch movies and TV shows about them. And I did read (ok, well listened) to Twilight. It just wasn't 'juicy' enough for me. I like the vampires to BITE! And sometimes I like them to maim, and kill, and to bite some more. Isn't that what they do? Personally, I thought the Vampires in Twilight were too tame. Yes, I know it was written for Young Adults. I realize that. So that's kinda why I dropped the series. Too many other good vampire/werewolf and paranormal books out there now. I haven't the time to dedicate to a series that I think is just OK.

But then someone had told me a couple weeks ago (or months, I can't remember) that I should give them another chance. Get the second book, that's when the werewolves come into play. So I ordered it from the library. I took a very long time for this audio book to come into the library but it's finally here. I just uploaded it to my ITunes and I'll start listening soon.

But not yet.

Right now I'm listening to the second in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Living Dead in Dallas.

You know the series... the one where the girl is human, the guy is a vampire, where she can read everyone's mind except for that of Vampire Bill's. (Sound a little familiar???)

I know.

But the best part about Sookie and Bill. Bill BITES!!! Bill Kills. Bill Maims. Bill is a VAMPIRE! And it has shapeshifting people in it too! And although this book series didn't make it to the BIG screen, it's in production on it's second season on HBO. And because it's on HBO, you know you can see a little more skin too!

So right now. I'm still in love with Sookie and Bill. Bella and Edward can wait in line on my Ipod.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sharing some Metal Fairies...

I held the Metal Fairies class at the Scrapbook Cupboard tonight. I had three wonderful ladies make three unique and fabulous metal fairies/dolls. I thought I'd put them up here tonight for you to peek at....

This is Melanie's Doll, Rose...

I love the bouquet she's holding. And the Empire waist. Very Stylish!
This is Valerie's Fairy Monique:
I love that she used the Kabuka flower as her wings. And the Periwinkle and Appletini metal colors together look stunning. Very chic, that Monique!
And finally Jean's fairy Matilda:
When she first told us she was using Plum, Periwinkle and Appletini together, I was skeptical. BUT! She pulled it off. I love the Plum fishnet stockings, and the use of the squares and the lines, everything eas pulled together nicely. The wings on this fairy was part of the Shrine Kabuka, and they fit perfectly.

Great job ladies! You all did a wondeful job!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where have I been??

So I get this email this afternoon...

Subject: WTF
Message: Ok, don't take this too personally but - When the heck are you going to get off your patooty and blog, I need something to read at work. HEHEHEHE!

After reading this email, I laughed and laughed and realized I might actually have something to blog about.

Like maybe something about the weekend I went away with Fran, Mimi, Traci and Kerriann? It was fun, fun! Fun! But I got next to nothing done. I've been seriously thinking about something regarding this. I've mentioned it to a few people but I haven't done anything about it yet. It's on my list. See, when I go to scrapbook crops, I get inundated with people asking me about what I'm doing. I'm like a spectacle. People ask me questions, watch me work and they touch my stuff. - which isn't always a wise thing to do when there might be a melting pot or a soldering iron on. So, I might do something about this. Barring putting a large fence around myself when I go to scrapbooking crops, I've been thinking about putting together a Papercrafters Retreat. Of course I need a nifty name but it's still early. What I really need is a weekend away where people can scrapbook, stamp, mod podge, metal emboss, solder, melt UTEE and any other altered art that they want without people being too nosey. Of course you'll always get those scrapbookers who haven't a clue what the lady across the hall is doing with the melting pot but this event would be listed so that the scrapbooker would know that altered artists would be at this event as well. Everyone together to do what they want to do. There isn't anything in stone on this yet, still in the planning stages but... if you have any input on this type of weekend retreat (price, food, lodging, area, what your expectations are, what you'll need, etc...) send me an email or leave a comment. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Now what else have I been up to. Last Monday I had a nasty bought with food poisoning. I didn't feel completely myself again until Friday. Which was good because last Friday was the start of the Sue Gilman trade show here in the New England area. Friday night I took this fabulous class with Claudine Hellmuth. It was all about her StickyBacked Canvas and Studio Paints. I've used these before and I've loved them, I still love them. Whenever I use them I feel like a real artist. They are creamy and rich. Just yummy! Here's the project I completed...

I'm going to slightly revamp this and offer it as a class at the Scrapbook Cupboard on Friday, May 15th. There are about 14 different techniques on this canvas. Crazy, huh!

On Saturday, I took two classes (yes TWO!) with Mr. Tim Holtz. One I will definitely be repeating at the Scrapbook Cupboard. This was a fabulous class. ..

I got to play with the newest Lights and Brights Alcohol Inks as well as the new Alcohol Ink Pen by Ranger. We played with some canned air, some metal foil and lots of different alcohol ink techniques. This class will be offered at the Scrapbook Cupboard on Thursday, May 28th.

I also did a class using the new Memory Capsules. I'm not crazy over them. They have a place, they are fabulous for what they are. They just aren't for me. I'm not loving them. I'm just not someone who likes to make something bulky and then cover it over with a piece of plastic. If I make something bulky, I want to be able to touch it. So, Memory Capsules aren't for me. As a matter of fact, I didn't even take a picture of them before I handed them over to Bev. Oops.

Also another class I took on Saturday was with Hambly Studios. It was a transparency book. Nothing new, a book that you can see through the pages. Cute but not something I will be reteaching.

BUT!! On Saturday night we did the Make and Take Frenzy. And what I did there was show stopping. When I visited Mr. Holtz at the Ranger Make and Take I did This...

You know you love it. I do too. It was easy and it's just stunning. This is also going to be a class. Two as a matter of fact. I'm betting there will be that many people interested in this. Both classes will be on Saturday, May 9th at the Scrapbook Cupboard. Just in time for Mother's Day!!

On Sunday, I helped Bev, the owner of the Scrapbook Cupboard, at the the vendor fair. She bought a ton of fabulous new goodies! Be sure to check the Scrapbook Cupboard's New Products section for when some of these new goodies will be in.

I saw a bunch of old friends and made a bunch of new friends at this years Gilman show. Overall the weekend went fabulously!

So, what's coming up? Tonight I'm teaching a Silhouette 102 class. I had to postpone last weeks because of the food poisoning. This Friday is the Metal Fairy class. There's still some room if anyone is interested. And next week, another Silhouette 102 class and then the Spring Kandi class....

All 4 of these classes are offered at the Scrapbook Cupboard. Call today to sign up! (508)378-0008.

So, I hope I've sated those of you who are working and need something to read. Right now, I'm off to start some tacos and make dinner for the family before I'm off to work myself!