Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OK, I finally watched it...

Last Friday, I was teaching the Metal Fairy class when Melanie asked if I had watched Twilight.

My answer:

Beyond her incredulity she told me that if I didn't watch it she wasn't signing up for any more of my classes. And since she's in this Friday's Spring Kandi Canvas Class at the Scrapbook Cupboard, I thought it best to finally watch it. So I did.

First, let me say... I LOVE most things vampire, werewolf and all that paranormal type stuff. If you hadn't already guessed that by the listing of books at the bottom of my blog. I listen to them, I read them and I watch movies and TV shows about them. And I did read (ok, well listened) to Twilight. It just wasn't 'juicy' enough for me. I like the vampires to BITE! And sometimes I like them to maim, and kill, and to bite some more. Isn't that what they do? Personally, I thought the Vampires in Twilight were too tame. Yes, I know it was written for Young Adults. I realize that. So that's kinda why I dropped the series. Too many other good vampire/werewolf and paranormal books out there now. I haven't the time to dedicate to a series that I think is just OK.

But then someone had told me a couple weeks ago (or months, I can't remember) that I should give them another chance. Get the second book, that's when the werewolves come into play. So I ordered it from the library. I took a very long time for this audio book to come into the library but it's finally here. I just uploaded it to my ITunes and I'll start listening soon.

But not yet.

Right now I'm listening to the second in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Living Dead in Dallas.

You know the series... the one where the girl is human, the guy is a vampire, where she can read everyone's mind except for that of Vampire Bill's. (Sound a little familiar???)

I know.

But the best part about Sookie and Bill. Bill BITES!!! Bill Kills. Bill Maims. Bill is a VAMPIRE! And it has shapeshifting people in it too! And although this book series didn't make it to the BIG screen, it's in production on it's second season on HBO. And because it's on HBO, you know you can see a little more skin too!

So right now. I'm still in love with Sookie and Bill. Bella and Edward can wait in line on my Ipod.

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Melanie Hawley said...

You are so funny! I've read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series too...and yes, I agree, it's more biting and sexy vampire stuff. But the romantic in me still loves Edward and Bella. I'll bring in the next couple of Sookie books so you can just read right along without missing a beat. See you soon... Melanie