Monday, April 27, 2009

Lives we touch...

You never know who we touch with our lives.

You never know who will touch you.

I work in an industry where I get the priveledge of meeting a lot of wonderful, caring and talented people.

Many of us have even joked before that working at a Scrapbook/Stamp Store is like working as a therapist. You hear all sorts of stories and tales from all sort of people's lives. And you get to share them too.

At the Scrapbook Cupboard, where I do most of my teaching, I've met some wonderful people. People that have become good and great and even fabulous friends over the years. Where I've earned and gained some acquaintences and some close confidants.

While working at the store, I have collected friends older than me, younger than me, with kids, without kids, with husbands and even some with wives. And yet we all share a passion. The passion, the want and the desire to create something. To make something and be able to show it off, to say... I made that! and to share it. And to share it with people who will give you the opinion you want. Whether it be a critical eye or the pat on the back you need.

As I said...

You never know who's life you touch.

You never know who will touch you.

And today, I share with you a few peices of cherished art. Art a friend created. He created these ATC's for a swap knowing that I (and others) would be getting one.

I'm honored to say that I have a very small piece of Paul. They may not be big but I know, I know that he created them with his own two hands. Through sickness and health he still wanted to create these beautiful pieces of art to share with others.

I will treasure these pieces of Paul. And I will pray that he rests in peace. I will miss him.

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specialteach said...

Kim, what a nice tribute to a wonderful man. Although I only met Paul a few times, I could feel his caring nature, see his creativity and laugh at his humor. He truely will be missed. My prayers are with Dana at this difficult time. Your right about the Scrapbook Cupboard, I have met some LIFELONG friends there... Traci