Monday, May 4, 2009

Taming the Beast...

If you've been reading my blog the last month, you've known that I've been in kinda a creative slump.

If you've ever been in a 'creative block', you know that getting out of it takes some courage. Lately, whenever I open the door to explore my creative mindset, there's a beast there guarding it. And just like any wild beast, when I open the door it either charges at me snarling or it hides in the corner wimpering. Neither is fun to work with.

I've found myself either running the other way and deciding that 'anything' is more important than standing down the beast - or - I gaze upon the beast and decide how best to approach, being frightened of it myself and ultimately giving up on it.

Now, of course these are all metaphors. But somehow I think that this beast needs to be my friend in order for me to reach my creativity. Be that my muse or just my clear thought process.

Saturday night I had to stand in the room with the snarling, cowering, biting, wimpering beast and create. Whether any of us liked it I had an assignment due and... well, personally I'm sick of being in a creative slump.

Then Saturday night I realized something.

See, I've been in creative slumps before. And the last time was about a year ago. (Evidently Spring is not my most creative time. How interesting.... ) But anyhow, last time I was in a creative slump I created a layout with a house and it broke me free. It was a pretty layout that had a flower patch in the front. Actually I have a photo of it...

This was created for Dana's "Look What I Found" circle journal.

Well what I realized on Saturday night was a small formula to my creativity. I needed to create a house. And it's just possible that I need to create that house for someone else, since I was working in Marissa's "treasured Trinkets" circle journal.


So after sleeping this evening from 6:30PM until about 11PM, I'm finding myself awake. I think I'll make a cup of tea and create a few houses.

Maybe those beasts just need a new place to live?!


LynneForsythe said... how did the new house come out?
When are you going to Wingdoodles?

Just-Kim said...

The new house is up and posted! I think I need a bird or two in the clouds but it's always a work in progress, right!
I'm going to Wingdoodle on the 13th of June! Two classes. I'll post them on the left tomorrow!