Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kim's Creative Home...

I've been reading this book about starting a creative journal, it's called The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real by Lisa Sonora Beam. So I decided a while ago that I should do it.

It's taken me a while, you know from my previous post that the beast thing was working against me.

But I put my mind to doing some tasks that would ultimately help me out. Later this month the Scrapbook Cupboard is having a yard sale, so I've been busy in the last week or so organizing my studio. Pulling out all that Scrapbooking stuff and mini albums, stickers, kits, premade books, stamps and anything else that was cluttering me. And I was left with some room. Some room for inspiration.

Couple that inspiration with my need to rid myself of those ugly beasts holding my creativity hostage and I decided to start my Creative Home. It's just a start but, I've been doing well. Actually, I've been doing so well today that I created a tutorial for you guys too. That will be posted tomorrow morning after my walk. I promise! It's already done, I just wanted to show you my house first.

So, here's the beginning of my creative journal. A picture of Kim's Creative Home. And yes, I changed the walkway. The 'pebbles' were still a little wet when I photographed it. It'll dry clear and hopefully none of my pebbles will ever fall off.

Be sure to come back tomorrow morning. I'm going to see if the automatic post thing works... either way, as soon as I'm back from my walk I'll check. It'll be posted before 11AM EST. It's a new technique that I created. Pretty cool!

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