Friday, April 24, 2009

Where am I?

Life right now is craaaazzzzzyyy. Man! Who knew.

I'm teaching -or will have taught -11 or 12 (I've lost count) classes this month at the Scrapbook Cupboard. Mix together with a Holiday (Easter), an Anniversary (our 12th) and play dates with both friends and family. Add in large helping of April vacation, some swimming lessons, flag football, reading and walking nearly everyday. Add a pinch of graveyard ettiquette. Sprinkle in a bit of arguing - and consequential groundings. Bake for approximately 24 days in cool, sometimes mild and rainy but hopefully getting hotter temperatures and you've got my life.

Or at least my life this April.

Caleb and Patrick are leaving this afternoon for the Battleship Cove Sleep over. They are both going to sleep out on the water in a large battleship with the rest of Caleb's Bear Scout Den. They lucked out, it's supposed to be a beautiful night.

Bryce and I will be off tonight to the Scrapbook Cupboard. He's going to be my helper. Tonight's Friday Feature is all about Inks. Inks, part one. If there's anything in my stash that Bryce likes to play with it's inks - so hopefully he'll behave (did you read the part about being grounded??? Yah both of them!)

I've got a few photos of the kids to share.

I've been bitten by the creative block bug but I think I'm almost over it. I started feeling some creativity come on last night. Now I've got to nurture it. I'm off to do that while the kids are outside playing!

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