Friday, May 29, 2009

It's time for a YARD SALE!

Sorry I've been MIA. After a busy Memorial Day Weekend, I've been busy gathering stuff for the Scrapbook Cupboard Yard Sale.

If you are interested in some fabulous deals, make sure you head on down this Sunday, May 31st from 12-4PM.
I'll be there selling all sorts of stickers, rub ons, embellishments, scrapbook pages, completed albums, kits, papers, alterable items, stamps, cards, supplies, totes, home decor and more.!!!!

No, I'm not going to start crafting, I'm just condensing. I have too much stuff for my studio and I've been overflowing into other areas of the house. It's time to cut back.

And I really, really want to get rid of this stuff so I've priced everything cheap. My most expensive items are a few kits - one being a still in the box QVC album kit. Unopened too! Yup. Crazy, huh! And I priced it at only $10. That's my most expensive price point, $10. Most of my items are 25 cents. YES! I said 25 cents. See, I really just want to get rid of it.

So you wanna see some pictures? Sure, here's a bunch...

As you can see, loads of stuff! So, if you're in the area on Sunday, be sure to stop by!

  • Scrapbook Cupboard
  • Rte 18
  • 516 North Bedford Street
  • East Bridgewater, MA
  • Sunday, May 31
  • 12-4PM

Friday, May 22, 2009

Creating new ideas and techniques...

Since I had to finish up tonight's tag class, I've been busy thinking. There have been about 1/2 a dozen new metal techniques in my head I've been wanting to try. Some I wrote down and some I just remembered and some I've forgotten - but the itch of knowing is there.

There are so many different products on the market today. Something for every type of crafter out there. What happens when you put two items together? Two completely unlike items together? Like Dream Weaver Paste and Metal or Copics and Metal or maybe Dream Weaver Paste, Copics and Metal?? Here's what I've been playing with the last hour or so...

Hmmm... I will definitely continue to play with this one. But now, I must type up instructions for tonight's class. I hate instruction writing. But I know it's a necessary evil. I, too, enjoy it when I get instructions for a class I took so... right now, I'm going to get started.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Metal, More Metal and Vampires!

I've been working on the Metal Embossing Intermediate Class. I'm teaching it tomorrow night at the Scrapbook Cupboard and I wanted this class to reflect the same style as the other two. It used to be just pieces of metal adhered to some paper, now it's all metal. Some tags have several techniques on each. I'm lovin' it!

But before I show you the tags for tomorrow night's class, let me tell you about what I found last night on the refridgerator. I worked on the tags yesterday and decided to take a late shower. While I was in the shower Bryce asked if he could have a piece of metal. Sure, why not. It was a small piece of Plum. While getting milk for dinner last night, I was struck still at this sight...

I tell you, he's one smart cookie! For only being 6, he remembered that he needed to draw the image on the back, flip and sand. He drew all the images backward and by himself! If you are unsure what he drew... it's a picture of the Mushroom Boy (toadstool, I believe) in the Nintendo Mario games. That explains the stars too. His new obsession is Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. He got it for his birthday and wants to play it all the time.

I was so amazed to see Bryce's artwork on the fridge. He did a great job!! I'm definitely a proud Mama!

OK, so I did finish the tags for tomorrow night's class - today. They are delivered to the store and ready. There are 8 tags and each have at least two techniques on them...

Then while downloading all the photos today, what came via UPS... the TrueBlood Series, Season 1. I can't wait for Season 2 to start, only a few more weeks! I'm almost through with the entire series on Audio Book too! These series and books are definitely not for everyone...

Tonight I'm off to Fran's house for a little gathering. I'm excited, she told me this morning she made jello shots! It's good thing I can walk to her house!! I think I will...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is Bryce's 6th birthday! What a big boy he's become!!
My youngest son, Bryce shares more than just a birth date with my GrandFather, he also shares a middle name. Before Bryce was even born we knew he was going to be Bryce Albion, named after my GrandFather, Elvert Albion. Bryce wasn't even due until June and he made his appearance on May 19th. Quite an honor to share a birthday and a name with a wonderful man.
Happy Birthday to both of you! I love you both, very much!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend Activities...

Yesterday Susan, Traci and I went up to CKC and did some poking around. I bought a few things as did the other gals....

This is the only picture I got. Traci smiling after making a little purchase!

Last night was the Painted House. This was a class I took at the Susan Gilman Trade Show back in March. It's Claudine Hellmuth's class and it's fabulous! There are 15 different techniques using her Studion Line Paints on this little house! Instead of having the house be seperate pieces I chose to make the class do one piece and attach just the roof on. Pretty cool, huh...

Today, I flew up to Ink about it to create the Metal Book Binding class. Class went a little longer than I expected but everyone's book came out fabulously! They were all just wonderful! I wish I had gotten a photo. Almost everyone used a different color of metal and they were all stunning! Great job, ladies - and David!!

Tomorrow is Bryce and my grandfather's birthday party. So we are off celebrating most of the day. By Monday, I'll be dead on my feet...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not chosen.

Last October I submitted a project to a magazine. I hardly ever do it. I've never been published in a book or magazine and while I'd love to, I'm thinking that it's a lot of work. Most of my problem stems from me not finding out about submission calls until a few days before.

And, well... that doesn't work out so well.

Last month while I was in my creative funk, I received back my submission. With a nice, sorry-but-you-weren't-chosen letter. It's Ok. I can deal with it. I'm a big girl.

Then I took a closer look at my submission and realized my error. It wasn't my best work. You can see the marks from the scissors, the piece that wrapped around didn't fit just right, there were a couple of other things that weren't just right. I can remember last Fall rushing through this project in order to reach the deadline. Well, sometimes it's best to create something slowly then to rush and submit projects that, upon closer inspection, don't reach your own level of expectations.

A lesson learned. A good lesson too. I will be better.

But what does that mean to the submission? Do I throw it away? Sell it? Give it away? I'm not sure. But what it means to you out in blogland is that you get to see it and learn a few tricks from it.

Here's my completed submission:

And below you can see her beautifully coifed hair. I used the BMom 9 mold from Ten Seconds and then bent the ends inward to create hair. It's pretty neat what you can do with some of the molds, especially the older ones. Very versatile!
But you can see on the skirt, it doesn't reach around to the back. And the purse, see the scissor marks? Well I can in person anyhow...

Her shoes are cute and match the color scheme but they are plain. And perhaps slightly askew.
Regardless of why they didn't choose her, it really doesn't matter. She may not have been chosen but she's not rejected either. I think I'll hold onto her for a while and see if she brings me some inspiration...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mailbox...

Last October, I spray painted some metal, embossed it, sanded it and stuck it outside... for the Winter! In mid February, during a thaw, I went outside, searched through the dirty, melting snow for my metal pieces and took these pictures...

Now, I live in New England. South of Boston as a matter of fact, and we do get some snow. Lots, some years. This past Winter was one of those years. Lots and lots of snow.
I don't know if you can tell from the photos but the black embossed piece is the Rock Star Black metal from Ten Seconds Studio. The yellow, was something I spray painted. On the back of the yellow is the Copper color - I used the Art Metal Copper from Ten Seconds Studio. Both pieces were embossed, even though it's harder to see on the copper colored one. It's there. And it didn't flake off! The Rock Star Black flaked off just a bit but the copper colored one was something to work with!
Last year, Robin from Blue Hills asked me to do a mailbox class. After some research, I decided that it should be pretty easy. Unfortunately the class didn't run and so I forgot about it. Well the other day a woman called Bev at the Scrapbook Cupboard and asked about my mailbox. And I thought, I haven't posted photos of that yet, I should do it today. It's beautiful out! So, while taking a break from getting ready for a busy upcoming weekend, I took some photos and thought I'd post them....

Look, I haven't even taken care of the snow shovel yet, you just NEVER know when snow will fall here in New England. - Although I think I'm safe and can properly hang it until Fall.
Here are a few more close up shots...

It's like no other mailbox on the street, that's for sure!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It smells beautiful...

The wind is blowing just enough here that all I can smell is my lilacs. And they smell wonderful!

The plain purple lilacs and the white ones are completely in bloom. My Sensation Lilacs are almost there...

Can't you just smell them?

Hubby let me sleep in today, Susan came over and we took a nice long walk today, stopping at the library. I read some of the book, played with Bryce and did some grocery shopping. I haven't created anything today and that's OK, I've made time to stop and enjoy life.

I hope you do too. The lilacs won't last much longer...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all those Mom's out there. Whether you have children, someone else's children, fur babies or you are the reluctant mama to some ants in your basement... this is your day! Enjoy it!

I made a little card last month for my Copic Collection Club Class at the Scrapbook Cupboard. I used a Magenta Stamp as well as V12, V15 and V17 Copic Markers. I covered the Violet Copics with the purple Spica and then cut it out and layered it on top of the same Violet colored flowers. I love the tiniest bit of dimension. Perfect for mail travel!

Enjoy the card. I'm off to football today and then a trip to Dick Blick in Boston and some time out with friends tonight. Enjoy your day! Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Classes booked in Warner, NH!

Do you live near Warner, NH?? I'm going to be up there at Wingdoodle on Saturday, June 13th for 2 classes. The first from 10AM - 12:30 PM is the Metal Embossing Basics.

Then from 1:30 until 4PM, we'll be continuing on with a Mini Metal Album. I created something just like this last year but retooled it using the new 3 Bugs in a Rug Papers and new Spring/Summer Colors. This little mini book actually boasts 6 metal techniques! It also has a Ranger technique I came up with too. Again, it was an invention born of necessity. I know my friend, Lynne would love to know about it, so maybe I'll do a non-metal tutorial next week. She's a Ranger junkie! And this new technique uses two widely popular Ranger products!

Here's a peek at the completed book. I really enjoy how this one came out. Pretty colors - bright for me - and loads of metal in a little package!

I really enjoy the last page. I love the colors and the contrast of the image. And the best part is that it's completely flat! No spackle needed on the last page!

I have some more classes to post on the left sidebar. Maybe I'll see you at one of them!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A new tutorial! - Colored Spackle

OK, so I came up with this idea last year and I've used it a couple of times on some projects. I created it out of necessity, isn't that the Mother of invention!! See I wanted to create an album from the Maya Road Sheers and I wanted to accent it with some metal - of course! But if you know anything about metal, you know that when you emboss it, you should fill it with spackle. And then when you fill with spackle, you can't then just use it on the Sheers album, you'd see white spackle on the back. Yuck!

So, here's my solution...

Run your piece of metal through the Cuttlebug, using an embossing folder.

When it's done, the piece of metal will look like this. Pretty, huh! By the way this is Rock Star Black 40 gauge metal from Ten Seconds Studios.

When I'm using the Cuttlebug Folders, I like to sand the metal right on the folder itself. This will help keep the design rigid so that you don't sand the open areas of the design accidentally.

After Sanding, you want to be sure you wipe off the sanded dust. I use a cotton cloth - the infamous 'inky binkie', a term coined by Tim Holtz when I attended Ranger University.

Flip the metal over and spackle the back. Remember, spackle likes to attach to itself, so slather on a good amount, then wipe off the plastic scraper so you don't continue to 'pick up' more spackle with the spackle on the plastic scraper.

Smooth it out and clean up the spackle. It takes some practice but if you have a flexible enough scraper and some smooth spackle (always cover when not in use), you can achieve a perfect spackle job. What you want is to be able to see the image clearly. Just like above.

Now... let your spackle completely dry!!!

And then....

Here's the key ingredient. Colorwash. Or glimmer Mist. Or Memory Mist or any other kind of spray mist you can spray. The reason behind the spray is two-fold. One, it's not going to rewet the spackle too much. And two, you're not rubbing the spackle.

You can add a little or a lot - depending on what color you'd like to achieve!

Then with a cloth, wipe the colorwash off in a horizontal motion. Almost the same way you'd sand the metal, you want to remove the colorwash. You'll notice a few things happen. One, if you had any spackle on the metal that wasn't in the design, the colorwash will wet it enough that it's removed pretty easily. And, if you wipe cleanly you'll see that it creates a pretty mirror like finish. Now, remember! Do NOT wipe hard. Gently remove the excess colorwash. The spackle will be slightly damp and you could easily put a dent into it or pop it out if you are too rough with it. But if done correctly, you can easily achieve this next look...

Nice, huh!

Let this dry and you're ready for your project!

Add some Humungo (or red line) adhesive. The beauty of this adhesive is that it's crystal clear! So not only is it the stickiest stuff on earth, it's clear as well so you can use this technique and see the beautiful coloring job you did underneath!

Here you can see I've attached the piece to a piece of a Maya Road Sheer Album. The Sheer Album has a slight color to it, so it's obvious to say it's not as vibrant and as mirror like as it would be if you used it on a clear acrylic album but for the project I've created, this is the look I'm aiming for.

So, I hope you enjoyed today's new technique. I'd love to hear what you think about it. And if you use it, please let me know and tell people where you saw it!