Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not chosen.

Last October I submitted a project to a magazine. I hardly ever do it. I've never been published in a book or magazine and while I'd love to, I'm thinking that it's a lot of work. Most of my problem stems from me not finding out about submission calls until a few days before.

And, well... that doesn't work out so well.

Last month while I was in my creative funk, I received back my submission. With a nice, sorry-but-you-weren't-chosen letter. It's Ok. I can deal with it. I'm a big girl.

Then I took a closer look at my submission and realized my error. It wasn't my best work. You can see the marks from the scissors, the piece that wrapped around didn't fit just right, there were a couple of other things that weren't just right. I can remember last Fall rushing through this project in order to reach the deadline. Well, sometimes it's best to create something slowly then to rush and submit projects that, upon closer inspection, don't reach your own level of expectations.

A lesson learned. A good lesson too. I will be better.

But what does that mean to the submission? Do I throw it away? Sell it? Give it away? I'm not sure. But what it means to you out in blogland is that you get to see it and learn a few tricks from it.

Here's my completed submission:

And below you can see her beautifully coifed hair. I used the BMom 9 mold from Ten Seconds and then bent the ends inward to create hair. It's pretty neat what you can do with some of the molds, especially the older ones. Very versatile!
But you can see on the skirt, it doesn't reach around to the back. And the purse, see the scissor marks? Well I can in person anyhow...

Her shoes are cute and match the color scheme but they are plain. And perhaps slightly askew.
Regardless of why they didn't choose her, it really doesn't matter. She may not have been chosen but she's not rejected either. I think I'll hold onto her for a while and see if she brings me some inspiration...


LynneForsythe said...

Hey Girl....sorry your metal girl didn't get chosen....I love her colors and think she's a thing of beauty!! It's hard...I've tried for MANY teams and have yet to be chosen....but I keep trying....SOME DAY!!!

SDC Texas said...

Glad she made it there and back in one piece. She is great and well put together. Better luck next time.

Bernadette Deleon-Rees said...

She's still beautiful...I love her! No more self-deprecation...there's more to life than not being chosen!