Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little about what I'm doing...

Let me fill you in on something I've been doing for a little while. 

I joined Weight Watchers last September.  Yup!  And I've been sticking with it.  Not great but good.  So far I've lost 27.4 pounds but I still have many, many more pounds to go until I'm where I'm 'supposed' to be.  Anyhow... last weekend, I had 5 friends over for an evening of drinking, eating, and Wii playing.  Barbara brought over Just Dance.  Have you heard of this game?  Have you tried it?  Why not!  It's a fabulous cardio workout.  We had such a great time with this game that 3 more of us now own it!!

Another workout I've been doing lately, redesigning my studio. A complete redo.  I have been working on it for about 2 weeks now, it's been consuming many hours of my days and I'm not done yet.  I've been purging like crazy too.  I had about 4/5 large totes worth of stuff that I've been pulling out for friends to go through.  I'm happy to say that I'm down right now to one tote.  But, did I mention I'm not done with my studio redesign?  Yah, so I'm sure to have more things to give away soon.  Here's what it's looking like so far...

You can see a part of the new shelves in the first picture.  Plus I have a new desk over there too.  Perfect height for sewing, computer work, writing, or whatever!  I don't have a chair yet but since the room isn't completely functional yet that's not a matter at the moment. 

I really wanted to be done with this project by now as it's frustrating me.  I totally feel stagnant in my art without a working studio.  I was able to throw something together this afternoon.  But, really it was for a card swap that was due tonight.  See, I'm not really getting things done ahead of time.  More like at CRUNCH time, which I'm hating.  Wanna see the card I threw together?  Simple.  Super simple.  The theme for the Card Swap was St. Patrick's Day OR Good Luck Cards.  We do our swap with a choice.  And it was great fun to see what people made tonight.  We got 4 good luck cards and 3 St. Patrick's Day cards.  Perfect!

The white around the card is the actual envelope.  It doesn't have any white on the card at all.  The Happy St. Patrick's Day is on a light green and the Shamrocks are all embossed with Green Tinsel embossing powder.

I hope you are having a great day.  I'm going to turn in early and hopefully wake up extremely productive!

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