Friday, February 26, 2010

Cuttin' it close...


OK.  I'm cutting this really, really close! 

Last night I finally finished the metal cards.  One had been up for about a week but the second one was only just finished last night.  Started... and Finished... last night.  Yikes!  Everything I do lately is like that.  Last minutes, with moments to spare.  Oh, the insanity!

I've been running, running, running all day.  Weight Watchers, Appointment, another appointment which ended up being cancelled so I ran to Joann's to partake in the $1.99 McCall's Pattern Sale, pick up kids, doctor's appointment and then finally home.  I'm off again in a few hours to class so I'm going to go sit and rest a few moments before making calling for dinner.

Here are both of my metal cards, all ready for tonight...

I'm really loving the mailbox.  Very cute and wicked easy to do!  Funny... that is the name of the class.. Unusual and EASY metal cards! 

Both stamps are by Magenta and lately, I'm really loving the brass brush - if you couldn't already tell!

I hope you have a great day.  I'll be back again tomorrow.

Oh, one more thing... I have had a few people complain they can't tell which date my posts are written on.  I think it's the new format I'm using.  I don't know why the date and time won't show up.  So, if I remember, I'll try to put a date at the top of my posts.

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