Saturday, August 1, 2009

Updates and some creations to share!

I've been busy the last half of this week!

On Wednesday, Kerriann and I drove down to Bella Art in Rhode Island to take a class with Dave from Memory Box. We made 10 cards all together, 5 in each class. We did watercolor pencils...

and Prismacolor Pencils....

I'm so glad I took these classes. I learned so much! Although I owned some Prismacolor pencils, I'd never really learned how to use them. Now! I'm hooked. It brings a whole new look to pencils. You're sure to see more cards and projects using them in the future! Now I must research all there is to know about pencils. I'm nothing if not obsessed about learning as much as I can. And I think I'll share my knowledge and know how in a class or two someday! I'm definitely hooked on these!

On Thursday, I got a phone call from my friend, Marissa. She had 4 fabulously awesome tickets to the Red Sox game that day and wanted to know if I was interested. I DEFINITELY was! It ended up that Bryce wasn't so much. We sat in the best seats I'll probably ever sit in (THANK YOU, Marissa!) but it was wayyyy too short. Bryce was on the ground crying, and once he got sticky from some frozen lemonade, he was done. It truly was a shame we couldn't make it through the whole game. I did manage to snap a few pictures of Bryce and Caleb eating. - Which, by the way, is all they did while there. I think I spent $50 on junk food just trying to keep them there and happy. UGH!

They look so deceiving, being all happy here eating ice cream. If only it would've lasted until the end...
Yesterday, I had a class to teach but did nothing but laundry during the day. And today, I worked for a few hours and while I was there I cut class kits. It was kinda strange to cut class kits. I haven't had to do it in a while, Bev has been kind enough to cut anything I need out for me lately. But today, since I was already there working the store I decided to 'kit up'. So, I'm all ready for Tuesday's Waxy Cards!
And I colored all the canvases for next Friday night's Mermaid Canvas...

There's space in Tuesday's class and only 2 spots left in Friday's Mermaid class if you're interested and live in the area. There's lots of Ranger product used as well as some collage, beeswax, real seashells, beads and lace!
Right now the kids are off swimming at a friends. I think I'll take the time to relax a bit.


LynneForsythe said...

Hey girl....looks like you've had a busy summer!?!?! Hopefully we will have summer in August!! Did I email you about a Metal class in Sept...wasn't sure...Let me know if you have any dates left or if I already picked one and just don't remember...still working on the memory part of my recouperation!!

Annemarie said...

Hi Kim,
My kids have been using an art curriculum the past 2 years that employs Prismacolor pencils. So... I will be eagerly looking forward to your upcoming pencil posts! I almost, almost, almost bought Rebekah the $50 set in Staples.

I wish we could have been with you at that Sox game!