Monday, August 3, 2009

Kandi Projects from CHA Summer '09

OK, I haven't heard from the ladies from Kandi yet but I'm thinking that since CHA is over I'm going to be good.  Also, I did a little digging today and it appears there are other Kandi samples out there so I'm not going to feel guilty about sharing...

In June I was sent a package from Kandi Corp with all sorts of new goodies to play with. I did specifically ask for Red, White and Blue Wax as well as some gems. I had this great idea of creating a flag. For Winter CHA I created a few Winter pieces for Kandi and this time, I just was looking for something Summery. OK, I know that Summer CHA is all about introducing Winter stuff and Winter CHA is about introducing Summer stuff but it's just too difficult to think about Winter when it's hot and humid outside.

So the first one I created was the American flag. I masked off each area individually and dripped wax onto the areas. The trick it to not hit the other areas with the Kandi tool. Otherwise, you'll ended up bleeding the colors together. It was a little time consuming but as you can see, it can be done!

The next one I created was a Stampscape card. It's basically a Stampscape scene and then the wax is put on top of the scene. I used the brush tip and the calligraphy tip quite a bit. And I did heat the wax and stamped the water into the water area so that it looks bumpy. The sky is slightly 'watercolory' - I couldn't get much closer to the scene without running the risk of mixing the color of the trees. I really like this card.

The last project I worked on and submitted is the tote bag. Kandi Corp also creates GemStones and their Hot Fix Applicator. Each of their Gemstones comes with adhesive on the back and all you need to do it use the Hot Fix applicator to worm up the adhesive and it sticks right on. So for this tote bag, I stamped a Hero Arts stamp with Archival Black ink and then accented with some pretty gemstones. Really pretty!

I hope you enjoyed them. If you were at CHA last week and you saw any of my projects, I'd love to hear about it.

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