Friday, July 24, 2009

Camp is out...

Camp is out for the Summer. The three little weeks that I had paid for are now done and gone. The kids are home now for 5 more and they have no place to go and nothing scheduled to do. AHHHHH!H!!!! Let's see if this give you an idea of what I'm up against. Caleb received an award today, on the last day of weeklong Cub Scout Camp. This is what the award said...

I don't know what to do. What am I going to do with these kids for 5 weeks? It's going to be 5 long weeks, I'm sure.
Putput is still here with us. He has congestive heart failure. He could be around for a while or gone today. We've made some special arrangements for him, like bringing one of the kittie boxes upstairs so he can access it better, running the tub water so he doesn't have to jump up to the sink when he wants the running water, keep a chair empty so he can sit in it, run the AC when it's humid out and other little things to keep him comfy in his life. So, he's here and we're happy about it!
I finished my Kandi Corp projects this past week. They were shipped off and they received them. If you're off to CHA next week, stop by the Kandi booth to see some of my art. I'll post some pictures next week of what I did. I'm not supposed to show anything until CHA.

I think I'll order a pizza and make some cards. I've got a few projects I want to work on so I think I'll sketch some stuff out too!

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