Friday, March 13, 2009

What have I been up to?


On Tuesday, I went to Blue Hills and taught the Metal Embossed Book Binding class. This is the last time in this format. I'm going to make them a little bigger now. I think people will like the new format and with the Large Molds from Ten Seconds Studio being discontinued, I decided that creating a book that you could use either a Kabuka mold or a Big Daddy Mold was in order.

Cyndy and Crystal were in my class again this semester at Blue Hills. Hi Ladies!! Cyndy is a big fan of paranormal books like me. She actually sent me a link to the Karen Moning books. If you haven't read them, you can get the first book in audio format free on her website. Good Stuff!

Wednesday and Thursday I spent gathering my ducks (and courage!). I am now the proud owner of KEP Creations. KEP Creations is the name of my new business adventure. This will allow me to keep my teaching career seperate from my employment career. With lots more promise on the horizon, I really thought it best to keep the two seperated. And... this will allow me to offer classes at the best reasonable price. ~ and we all want that, right! So, if you are looking for a metal effect teacher in your area, you can now contact me at

Tonight I begin my 4 class tour of the weekend. I'm offering a Friday Feature tonight at the Scrapbook Cupboard on UTEE Beads.

Tomorrow I will be at Bella Art in Rhode Island for Metal Techniques 1 and for the Metal Embossed Frame. There is still some spots left in each class so if you are interested and you're in the Johnston, RI area give them a call... 401-383-0199.

Tomorrow night, I'll be back at the Scrapbook Cupboard for the Circle Journal Crop. We've got a great bunch of gals who get together every 6-8 weeks and work on each other's circle journals. This month I'm putting a new one in the fold. It's called "Wreck This!" and it's supposed to be ready for tomorrow night. I haven't started it yet. Yah, I know. But first I must work on my first CJ assignment, my friend Fran's "Bucket List". Awesome topic!
Sunday is my only weekend day home for the entire month of March. I'm going to spend most of it in my PJ's and snuggling with my boys.
***I know I promised a tutorial, several times over the last few weeks. I am working on it. It will get up there. Keep checking back. I WILL get it done! Thanks for understanding and for hanging in there!


SDC Texas said...

Looks and sounds like you have been busy and there won't be an end in sight for awhile. Congrats on the new business adventure.

Julie Jacobs said...

Kim, You're amazing!!! Congrats on your new business venture as well!!

LynneForsythe said...

Congrats.......sounds like things are moving right along for you...look forward to seeing you in a coulple of weeks!!