Friday, January 30, 2009

Hopping on the Van!

Tomorrow AM, I'm headed out to going shopping with 11 of my friends! We're caravaning to 5 stores North of Boston. I'm excited to see some of the other stores. I don't often get to peruse other stores and of course, ALL of these store are outside of my 13 mile radius! hehe! I'm better about that now, expecially since I've got my new Gabby Garmin.

I taught the final installment of metal techniques tonight. That's 3 different metal techniques classes. All different techniques. Whew! I have to revamp class number two to the new more artsy format. When I do that, I'll be sure to show all of you.

On Sunday, I'm going to post a tutorial. Keep on the look out!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Catching Up...

Wow! I can't believe it's been a week since I blogged. I've thought about doing it the last few days but something always got in my way. oh, so where have I been? Working, Teaching, Playing, Being Mom, Cleaning and Creating in just about that order. While showing you a picture of my newly vacuumed carpets would prove I did vacuum them, it's just not as satisfying as showing you this...

This is the third and final installment in Metal Embossing Basics. Three of the above techniques I came up with on my own. I think I'll do a tutorial on one of them this weekend. I'm gonna wait, though as I want the students in Friday night's class to get first crack at it.
Last Sunday I got together with 8 of my closest friends and cropped a bit. Well I say cropped but really I think there was only 2 of us that actually had a photo on us. The rest of us, well, 'craft' - with paper, ink, paint, or what ever suits our fancy. Me? I used 1/2 a bottle of Walnut Ink Stain and some metal and started creating a box. I finally was able to finish it yesterday. Not my best work, definitely room for improvement. And isn't that what life's about, living, learning and then applying what we've learned? Maybe I'll make another one. But for now, here's what I came up with...

This box is big enough for almost anything. Love letters, special momentos, photos... you name it. I used four of the new Kabukas on this box, plus some wheels and a large mold. The Copper side of art metal and some Dark Chocolate Metal as well. All from 10 Seconds Studio. Using the letter Kabukas was a challenge. It probably took me about 1 hour to get those letters just right. The best part is the coloring of the metal. I think that just came out stunning!

For those of you friends that would like to make one yourself, I'm game. I've found some tricks along the way too. Although, we will definitely need to have Katie help us line the inside. I tried the top and I still stink at it! Thanks, Kate for lining the bottom, it looks fabulous!

Monday the kids were home sick. This kinda worked in my favor since I was up until 2 scouring the internet for photos of CHA. I was really hoping to find some photos of the Kandi booth, or the Dream Weaver booth. So far, nothing. If you know of any PLEASE let me know. I'm dying to see them.

On Tuesday, hmmm... I've forgotten what I did Tuesday - oh, yah, finished the box. And today I put a bunch of stuff up on Ebay. I'm selling all my Sizzix Dies and Machines, some magazines, some Quickutz Dies, just some stuff I haven't used in a while. I have to clear out some stuff to make life more managable. My craft room is always a mess and I'd like to change that. We'll see. I've always got the gusto in the beginning but then peter out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Card Class!

I walked into work yesterday to meet a friend. She had left her coat at my house the previous night and it was a good meeting place. I noticed a catalog sitting on the counter and while Bev and I chatted away over some business and I waited for my friend, I looked through the catalog. I fell in LOVE with three new stamps made by Magenta Stamps. The Daisy, the Peacock and the Tree. They screamed Spring (which if you live around here you know we need soon!) and they also were just begging to be made into a metal card.

So, I did!

I made the tree and the daisy yesterday afternoon before my class. I took them home again to photograph and put up on here but I ended up reading a book. But I'm glad I did. This morning, in the middle of my workout, what comes knocking at my door? Well a package from 10 Seconds Studio! YES! I received all the new metal colors and all the new Kabukas. YUMMMMY! Well, Mr. Peacock could now be made. I've thought he would look stunning in the Periwinkle. And I was right! Take a peek...

We're adding this class to the schedule. Tuesday, February 17th from 7-10PM at the Scrapbook Cupboard. And if you can't make that class, then there will be an Encore class on Sunday, March 8th from 12-3.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I *Heart* My Valentine!

It might be snowing again but I'm still creating. The family is home, they are playing games or working on their pinewood derby cars. I'm just about to put a turkey in the oven but I had to stop and post this. I finished my class sample for I *Heart* My Valentine. The class is on Friday, February 6th from7-10PM at the Scrapbook Cupboard. It's a very limited class as I picked up these adorable mini mailboxes last year and I'm not sure if they are available again this year. We'll decorate the outside of the mini mailbox and then complete three cute cards that fit inside....

The front card says, "You're Hot Stuff" inside. The Left card says, "Hugs and Kisses" and the right card says, "Happy Valentine Day!". Most of this is mold work, mixing several colors of metal together with papers and some stickles. Although the heart comes directly from the Ten Seconds Studio DVD. Not only is that DVD good for watching and getting a few laughs and learning a few techniques, but it also comes with a CD that has a ton of images on it! I haven't played with the images in a while and I decided that this one was perfect for this project. I hope you enjoy!

Maybe I'll post more projects later, I'm still on a roll!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mirrored in Metal with Stamps

I finished my Mirrored in Metal Samples today and sent them off to Ink About It and Bella Art. I made both from an IKEA mirror frame and the Asian Elements stamp set from Hero Arts. I wanted to use something different. Of course in class, I encourage you to use a design that you'd like, so if you'd rather do flowers and roses, I'm happy to help you achieve that look as well. My samples are exactly that... samples. If you change the design, great! That means you're learning and that you feel comfortable with the embossing process! Or maybe you just don't like Asian Elements. Either way, I'll be bringing a few Hero Art Stamp Sets with me for this class and you can choose which designs you'd like.

As a refresher, the classes are on Saturday, March 7th from 1-4PM at Ink About It and Saturday, March 14th from 1-4 at Bella Art. I hope to see some of you there!
Here are some photos from the finished mirror...

While taking these photos last night, I realized how hard it was to photograph a mirror without getting something else in the shot.
I'm off to read a little before bed and then tomorrow to tackle more of my To Do List. If you plan on venturing out in the cold tomorrow, I believe I still have 2 spots left in my Metal Embossed File Folder Album at the Scrapbook Cupboard. Come stay warm with me and have some fun!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Muse is BACK!

OK, I have a little secret.... I haven't picked up my refiner, or my paper stump, a sheet of metal, or even a Big Daddy since before Christmas. I know, I know... Shocking. I have been busy scheduling classes but I just was too overwhelmed with everything else... putting it off.

Well I can put it off no longer.

I promised Ink About It and Bella Art I would mail out samples to them tomorrow. So, it was today or, well, be late. And that's just not right. So, what did I do? I created 2 almost identical Metal Embossing Basics Tag books. I love playing with them, it's like a thick deck of cards. Especially when there's two. Here they are together... I used almost all the colors of metal. Well, actually now that they have three more I didn't use those. Those colors will be here hopefully next week. As well as ALL the new Kabuka's too! Yippee!
Here's my official side panel photo. In the class we will work with several different colored metals but I'm not going to commit to each one of these. I'm thinking people might want to play with the newest colors! And, oh, yah, that purple is the old purple. Now the color is Plum and Megan at Ten Seconds Studio tells me it is a different color, more metallic. Oh and one other thing, I didn't have even a small scrap of Pearl left. I did all my Christmas cards out of the Pearl Metal and well, none. Nothing. Nada. That will be here next week too but too late for me to send out for class.

If you'd like to take a class and live North of Boston, I'll be at Ink About It on Friday, February 27th from 10:30AM - 12:30PM and then again on Saturday, March 7th from 10AM - 12PM for this class. I'll also be staying on the Saturday only for Mirrored in Metal from 1-4PM. That class I will show you tomorrow! Stay tuned!

And if you live in Rhode Island, I'll be heading to Bella Art in Johnston on Saturday, March 14th for the Metal Embossed Basics from 10AM - 12PM and the Mirrored in Metal from 1PM - 4PM.

So whether you are North of me or South of me, I'll be coming to you to teach these fabulous classes. And of course if you are near me, I have two metal classes this month (Metal Embossed File Folder and Metal Techniques 3) and one next month (I *heart* my Valentine) at the Scrapbook Cupboard. Hopefully I'll be somewhere near you. And if I'm not, let me know and I'll try to get there!

One of the reasons I had not picked up my Ten Seconds tools was that my Muse was still on vacation. She's great if I use her daily or every other but when I'm gone on a small hiatus (Christmas break) she leaves and sometimes she needs to be coaxed back. So yesterday I started off small. With this totally 'scraplifted' card. It was from the March 2007 PaperCrafts magazine. I had to make 9 for a card swap I was in and the card swap was due last night. So I needed something easy and something to jump start my creativity.

Inside the card reads, "You just shuffle a little slower. Happy Birthday!"

After I made 9 of those, I made a friend a belated birthday card....

And then I finally made and finished my Birthday Thank You's. Whew! When that Muse gets started, she just starts to run. I've been wanting to finish these Thank you cards for about 8 weeks. My birthday was 2 months ago from Friday. Pretty sad, huh? Well at least they are done. These will all go out in the mail tomorrow with nice handwritten notes inside. I promise!
I'm finishing up the Mirrored in Metal class right now and then I need to package them up and send them out.
Then to start with some other classes. My To Do List is pretty lengthy. When my friend Traci glanced at it last night, she stopped talking (which if you know Traci is almost a miracle) and said, "Whoa, what is that?" To which Kerriann replied, "Kim's To Do List." Traci looked at me and said, "Are you kidding me?"
I guess that means it's a lot. ...But I'm chipping away!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Shower...

So, I've been busy for the past month and a half planning my Sister, Nicole's bridal shower with my SIL, Jess. It's been a very busy month. Honestly, I didn't do as much as I wanted to do. Jess really helped out and she stepped up and took the reigns on several items. I'm very Thankful for that! Thanks Jess!! We took the advice of another bridesmaid and chose to have a tea party for her. We had it at the Monponsett Inn in Halifax. It was wonderful... although Nicole wasn't surprised. Oh well. So,

Last week, Erika came over and helped with the favors...

I'm actually having Tea out of my cup right now!
Then Saturday Jess came over with her family and we made the centerpieces...
Did I mention her wedding colors are White, Black and Claret?

Some of the other bridesmaids got this ginormous cake that was gorgeous but ended up being way more than we needed. Take a look at this thing! It's amazing. She never did tell me the actual name of the bakery just some "Italian place in Quincy". Don't bother looking, that doesn't narrow it down!

This cake cost nearly one sixth of what the entire wedding cost. It was good cake too!

Here's the bride with her groom opening some gifts...

She tried real hard but ended up cutting two ribbons plus breaking the one on the first present. The first was a give-me, as they already have Steven's 6 year old little girl, Julia but the other two, well those are predictions!! YAH, baby!! 2 kids in Nicole's future. Let's hope she waits a few years.

I have a few other pictures but they aren't the best. I stopped taking pictures after the picture of the cake. From then on someone else had my camera. I was too busy being the hostess.

Now that the Shower is over, on with the other festivities... Dress fittings, Rehearsal Dinner, Pedicure/Manicure date, Bachelorette Party, Brunch on the Wedding day and the Wedding itself. It's been a long year but it's nearly here. Only 40 more days..

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a ...

Mailbox!! Congratulations to Marissa! She's the winner of the pack of metal, she guessed a mailbox first. (Marissa, send me an email and I'll get your information so I can get that pack of metal to you!) You all had some great ideas. It was great to see what everyone thought. And thank you! to everyone who played along. This was fun. I have some more ideas for blog giveaways. So check back again, you could be a winner!

So just in time to show you all the mailbox, I received in the mail yesterday the flyer for Blue Hills Regional School. I'll be teaching two classes there again this Spring. The Metal Embossed Book Binding on March 10th and a Metal Embossed Mailbox on the 14th of April. You can check out the flier here. I'm on page 28 but you can also view my friend Donna on page 29. If you are interested in some fabulous cards, check out her classes at Blue Hills (or at the Scrapbook Cupboard) as well!

You've seen the Metal Embossed Book Binding Class before. This class is a hit. It sold out twice at the Scrapbook Cupboard.

But the mailbox is new. Check out the picture that's in the flier...

I did a little work on it but with some family plans and other business happening this week, I wasn't able to finish just yet. But I will and then I'll post. I really want to color the actual mailbox too, maybe some alcohol ink. So you think it'll wash off in the rain? Hmmm... I'll have to go through my Ranger U notes. Or better yet, it's supposed to snow tomorrow, maybe I'll stick some stuff outside over night and on Sunday my answer will be revealed! Sounds like a great experiment to do with my kids!

I've got a few classes to post in the coming weeks, be sure to check back. I might just be coming to a store or school or crop near you!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kandi Projects Revealed!!

I just received an email that told me I can reveal on my blog the Kandi Corp Pigmented Beeswax projects I created. YAHOO!!

If you don't know what I'm talking about... In November, I was chosen as a Hot Stuff Designer Artist for Kandi Corp. I was sent a Hot Wax Stylus and every luscious color of pigmented beeswax they make. So, without further ado, here are the 6 projects I created for them...
Here's the super easy wheel barrow. The wheel barrow is completely covered in wax with rick rack ribbon and stickers embedded into the wax. Then inside the wheelbarrow I placed flowers with a vintage hummingbird piece. This was the most simplistic piece I made.

Here's an ocean frame I created. With their Ocean color palette, it was a natural choice to create something beachy. The picture was taken this past Summer of Caleb surfing down at Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA. The flowers were created using Flower Soft and the beach umbrella was created from a portion of a skinny mini mold and some copper colored metal. Even the beach has some sparkle in it, if you look closely!

This is one of my favorite pieces. Although, I love them all, I just love the neutral browns and yellows... two of my most favorite colors. I found the large Fleur de Lis at a Michael's this past Holiday Season. It's supposed to be an ornament but I changed that up a bit. The upper left corner is a Tattered Angels Glimmer Mask used with wax and then filled in with some gold leafing.

OK, here's another favorite. This one probably took me the longest to do. It's actually supposed to be a door hanger. But only for New England or somewhere else cold this time of year. You really couldn't hang it on a door that is exposed to the elements or one that is in direct sunlight either. Originally the piece is a napkin. Yup, it's a plain ole Bounty Holiday Napkin. I found the Welcome sign and the sled at either Michael's or Joanne's. Although the base is a napkin, the entire piece is hand colored. I used a lot of the calligraphic tip on this one. The star, the lines, the skates, some of the trees, all with the Kandi Hot Wax Stylus Calligraphic tip. One of my Ah-Ha moments while creating this design was to add in the Fantasy Fibers. I really needed the skate pond to stand out and I just wanted a little sparkle. Well, those fantasy fibers - they were made to sparkle and melt. PERFECT! It takes a little practice to do it, as you don't want them too melted but once you've got it, it comes out beautiful! OK, so maybe this is my favorite piece!

Can you believe that this next piece was originally green and red plaid? Yup! It was. If you had the piece, you could look inside and see that down about half way, it's still green. I just couldn't get the brush in that far. And I figured that the bottle of wine or champagne would cover up the green anyhow! This was a piece I made for my Sister, Nicole. As you may, or may not, know she's getting married next month. Although she won't get this exact one, I will recreate another for her. I actually used lots of 10 Seconds Studio Metal on this piece, all along the bottom and on the cover. The black on the top is actually all wax. ~Try using some masking tape to tape an area and then when you wax over it and pull off the tape slowly while still warm, the tape will mask off a nice clean line for you! Doesn't it look stunning?~ The pink piece on the top has pearls waxed into the center areas, the wording is done with the calligraphic tip and the bottom pieces of metal are adhered just using wax. I'm really loving how the wax looks on top of the metal. Some really cool designs and looks going on here! I even created a heart with a stamp. Add a little more bling and you've got a beautiful wedding gift!

And last but not least, a card. This card uses a lot of the spade tip of the Kandi tool. The sun and leaves are all done using the spade tip. Some of the detail in the tree is done with the brush tip. I used the brush tip many times in the pieces above but you might actually get a chance to see it in this up close photo. I just love how this card turned out. Another favorite. OK, forget it... they are all my favorites.

Sharon at Kandi gave me the go ahead to start teaching some of these, so the card will be the first one. This will be the Friday Feature for February at the Scrapbook Cupboard. It'll be quick, easy and you'll get to use all the different tips of the Hot Wax Stylus. The dates on those classes are February 13th and 28th from 7-9PM. Check out the side panel for more information.

Let me know which is your favorite. I'd love to hear! And if you're going to CHA, maybe you'll see one of these in person??

You can also check out some of the other designers work by clicking on the links in the Kandi blog.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Almost back to routine... plus a little contest prize!

The kids were off to school today but Patrick was still home. It's his last day of vacation. It's been nice having hubby and the kids home but I'm ready for them to go back to where they belong. I've got to get some work done!! My friend, Julie, wrote that if you don't write down your goals, they stay dreams. What a powerful phrase! I was really moved by that. I haven't completed my list of 2009 goals yet but now I will make it a priority - as soon as the house is quiet at about 12:30 tomorrow afternoon! More about my goals later. Today, I have a sneak peek to show you!

In March and April, I'll be back at the Blue Hills Vocational School for another couple of adult evening classes. Teaching some more metal. I'm really happy about how this is coming out and I know that everyone is going to want to make one too! I'll finish it by the end of the week and post the completed project but for today, here's what I have been working on....

Can you guess what it's gonna be? How about a pack of metal for the first person to guess correctly? Leave me a comment with a guess! I'll unveil the completed project and the winner on Friday!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

HAPPY Birthday, Caleb!!

Today is Caleb's 8th Birthday! WOW! Time has just flown by. And I'm sure it will continue to fly. I'm so grateful for the new 'digital' world where I can just browse through some of these photos in moments.

The sleep over was a lot of fun - and it was tiring. I didn't go to sleep until about 2:15AM and then up at 9 (for me, the boys were up earlier with Patrick) and another party today. I put on the slideshow as I wanted to, with a total of 137 photos for all to look at throughout the day. I think it was a hit. Everyone seemed to enjoy looking at Caleb 'grow up right before our eyes'. Of course Bryce would like me to do the same for him for his birthday. I will - and I'm glad that that isn't until May. Tonight, I'm exhausted.

So, I'm going to share another set of photos of Caleb. These are from 4 until this past Summer, just before I started the blog. If you'd like to see him from July through Christmas, take a look at my previous posts.

The first one I'll start off with is my all time favorite photo. Bernadette is going to do her next circle journal album on favorite photos, this one will probably be in it. I just love it. The look, the feel of the photo. I've taken many more that I love since this one but this still remains a favorite...

Here's a photo of Caleb learning a little about the guitar from his Dad. The look on his face says it all...

Caleb tried T-Ball but mostly he laid down in the grass in the outfield. Bryce wants to try this Spring, we'll see if he does any better...

Right after TBall Season was over, Bryce pushed Caleb off the neighbors swing set and he broke his wrist. So far (knock on wood) it's the only one...

Here's a photo of Caleb getting Bryce back for breaking his wrist... Only kidding, this is Caleb's first day of Kindergarten. Waiting for the bus. I think his hold on Bryce was a little too strong.

That Christmas, my Mom wanted a family photo. We all wore white. Next time, I'll have to remember a black sheet and some better lighting. But the photo is still nice to have.

Caleb sure loves his video games. I was telling my Mother today that this photo was probably one of those where I was yelling at him, "Stop sticking out your tongue, just smile nice." But now, I chose this one over the other one. It's just totally Caleb. Always a jokester!

This is Caleb's first day of First grade. Waiting at the bus stop. So, Caleb are you excited about going to school all day? And this is the look I got...
Guess Not.
First grade brought with it his inception into Cub Scouts. Here's my Tiger Cub all ready for his first Pack meeting...
They always look so handsome in those scouting uniforms!
The following February, Caleb invited me to the Valentine's Dance. We had to get cute little outfits for the boys. The looked so dapper in the suits. Caleb got a suit for his birthday today. Something to wear to Aunt Nicole's wedding. Only 7 weeks away!

Daddy loves to fish and so this past Spring we brought the boys out to the Abington pond to teach them how. Always catch and release.
Just before 1st grade ended we went to the school to look around. I can't remember why but Caleb was so proud of this drawing he did, I took his picture next to it. He's always been a great artist - he just doesn't express it the same way Bryce does. Maybe we'll work on that this year. Get him drawing more.

And lastly, I'll leave you with this picture. Aunt Erika gave both the boys mohawks last Summer. They grew out pretty fast but Caleb really liked his for the first few days. And he looked pretty good in it too. Must be those actual Mohawk Indian genes he has...
That's it. You've seen my baby from birth until now. He's grown a lot and there's a lot more growing to do, too.
Tomorrow I'm going to sit and create something. I've also got a few ideas on other blog posts I'd like to do so stay on the look out!