Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a ...

Mailbox!! Congratulations to Marissa! She's the winner of the pack of metal, she guessed a mailbox first. (Marissa, send me an email and I'll get your information so I can get that pack of metal to you!) You all had some great ideas. It was great to see what everyone thought. And thank you! to everyone who played along. This was fun. I have some more ideas for blog giveaways. So check back again, you could be a winner!

So just in time to show you all the mailbox, I received in the mail yesterday the flyer for Blue Hills Regional School. I'll be teaching two classes there again this Spring. The Metal Embossed Book Binding on March 10th and a Metal Embossed Mailbox on the 14th of April. You can check out the flier here. I'm on page 28 but you can also view my friend Donna on page 29. If you are interested in some fabulous cards, check out her classes at Blue Hills (or at the Scrapbook Cupboard) as well!

You've seen the Metal Embossed Book Binding Class before. This class is a hit. It sold out twice at the Scrapbook Cupboard.

But the mailbox is new. Check out the picture that's in the flier...

I did a little work on it but with some family plans and other business happening this week, I wasn't able to finish just yet. But I will and then I'll post. I really want to color the actual mailbox too, maybe some alcohol ink. So you think it'll wash off in the rain? Hmmm... I'll have to go through my Ranger U notes. Or better yet, it's supposed to snow tomorrow, maybe I'll stick some stuff outside over night and on Sunday my answer will be revealed! Sounds like a great experiment to do with my kids!

I've got a few classes to post in the coming weeks, be sure to check back. I might just be coming to a store or school or crop near you!


LynneForsythe said...

I don't believe Alcohol inks will wash won't come off my Craft Mat without Blending solution...not water or wipes. So I think you should be good to go!!!

Bernadette Deleon-Rees said...


Lynne is correct - the alcohol ink should stay - except if the rainwater has a high acid may take it off but I wouldn't worry about it since your not in an overly industrialized area. nice - I'm wicked jealous, Marissa!!!