Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Very Special Christmas Card...

Happy Holidays!! Have you sent out your Christmas Cards yet?? I've been receiving Christmas Cards for about 2 weeks now. A bunch of photo ones - those are always great. You can see how big your cousins baby is, or how much like a young lady your friends daughter looks or even to see a little tongue peeking out of your niece's smile. It's nice to get those with the photos attached.
Today I received 3 cards. I'm so happy to receive all of the cards, they really do get me in the Christmas mood. I haven't finished mine yet so if you're expecting one from me, don't despair. They are almost done and will go out soon. Probably some tomorrow and then the rest on Friday and Saturday.
So, today. Today I received a Christmas cards from a group of friends that I haven't seen in a few years. What a wonderful thing to find in my mailbox. It was a wonderful card. Thank you, ladies! I've missed all of you.
And just for another sneak peek... I played with some metal today. For a Kandi project. I finished the project about an hour ago and I'm very pleased with it. Really, I wish I could share. I think some of this is some of the best stuff I've done.

I'm off now to address envelopes!

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