Monday, December 15, 2008

Having a fabulous time...

I've been having fun tonight working on my Design Team projects for Kandi. There's lots of hot wax and fun stuff being used. I'll definitely get everything done for Kandi by Friday night. Then I'll tote everything in to have them photographed (for me and someday for you) and then on Saturday AM, all my projects will take a trip down to sunny Florida. I've completed 4 projects and started another 2 with a 3rd in my head waiting it's turn. The request was for 6-8 projects and if all goes well, 7 will be headed out soon. I'm wicked proud of them. It's stretched me to work on something new, something exciting and something so versatile. I've already put a Kandi class on the schedule at the Scrapbook Cupboard. It'll be something new and it'll be a Friday Feature. So we'll probably go over the basics on how to use the tool and make a pretty project. Something easy. Here's a blurry peek at what I've worked on...

Sorry, that's all you're getting. But what I can show you is my work space and what's left (so far) of the wax. Considering I've created 4 projects and already waxed up quite a bit on my 5th, I'm thinking that a little definitely goes a long, long way!!

So what else have I been doing? This weekend was great! Friday night I taught my first class on the three new Dream Weaver techniques. 11 people turned up and listened, learned and had fun. Then Saturday I did it again. 11 more people. So that's 22 brand new people who I have shared my own original Dream Weaver technique with. It was great. I'm so happy that I was able to create something new and original. And what was even better was on Friday, right before class, I got the mail. And in it was a card from Lynell Harlow herself! Introducing a new product to me that will come out next month at CHA. Not only did I get to see it, touch it and feel it, Ms. Harlow also wrote me the directions on how to complete the card. Now I can't wait to get my hands on some of the new stuff... Oh January looks so distant now, huh?

After my second DreamWeaver class, we had the Hero Arts Preview at the Scrapbook Cupboard. Some fabulous stamps are showing up for next Spring. YuuummmmyyyY!! I bought two of them plus some of the new Shadow inks. The inks live up to their names, shadow is right. They are very faint but leave a nice impression.

Saturday night I spent time with the family. Patrick and I rented Iron Man. Not too bad but I really wanted to see Wanted. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Sunday was a resting day. I spent most of the day on the PC catching up on emails. I think I had over 100. Yikes! Then Sunday night, I gathered with 9 of my friends for some card making and Yankee Swappin'. What a great night!! I didn't finish my Christmas cards like I wanted to but I made almost 1/2. Not bad since we spent most of the night laughing, eating and generally showering each other with 'stuff'. My friend Mimi had a bunch of old Creative Memories stuff she didn't want and we all got to paw through it. Thanks, Mimi! We also got gifts from Susan (chocolates - yummy!) and Bernadette (ribbon and stamps - yes!!). Oh gosh I can't remember if anyone else brought anything else. There was so much love and giving, it was just one of the best 'friend' Christmas parties I've had. Thanks everyone!! - Oh and did I take pictures. Nope. But I believe Susan did and Traci and maybe Bernadette. Fran, did you? Hmm... Anyone else? I can't remember. Maybe if I score a nice picture I'll post.

Today, I spent a few hours with two of the most important people in my life....

It was nice to see them today. Bryce is enjoying his train set, Caleb's enjoyed the Brownies and I'm loving the cute little vintage glass pieces and photos I got today. If you still have Grandparents, or in my kids cases - Great-Grandparents, give them a call today. Tell them you love them. They love you!

After a fabulous visit with Gram, Bryce and I came home, Bryce went to school, Susan and I walked and then I started and finished a Kandi project. So there you have it. My weekend.

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