Monday, August 18, 2008

She's up to something...

Yup, lots of some things. I've been extremely busy these past few days. I had to clean out my studio. It was cluttered and too busy. I couldn't get anything done. I had moved my Scrapbook Cupboard in there a week ago and I couldn't get anything open. So I purchased a second hand computer desk (thanks Jean!) and rearranged my studio. Now, I'm ready for some creating. OK, well... maybe tomorrow. Furniture is heavy and so is all the stuff I had to move to get the old out and then the new in. So I'm pretty tired tonight.

I have a few things to post about. I promised that I had news to share today. And I do!

Starting this Fall, I will be teaching at My Creative Classroom.

They are having this BIG Kickoff event starting on September 8th. I'll be sure to tell you more information as it's posted but why not sign up for the newsletter HERE. If you visit My Creative Classroom site, check out my name on the lower left corner. There I am, ready to rock and roll this Fall! As soon as I have my class posted there, I'll update this blog and let you all know! It'll probably be another day.

And do you know what today is? Today I've been blogging for 1 month. Yup and I only missed two days. Yah, I know but two's better than twenty-two, right?

I hope to see you online!

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