Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today's post is about everything New. New family, new experiences, new people, new relationships, a new month, a new adventure which leads to a new journey and a new teacher,, new, new. There's so much new going around it's almost like Spring.

So, what is new might you be asking? Well, we'll go down the list...

My Sister, Nicole is marrying Steve in February. While they've been engaged a few months already and the wedding plans aren't new, Steve brings with him a New member of our family. His 6 year old daughter, Julia. And yesterday we celebrated her 6th birthday...
She's so adorable and laid back. She loves Tinkerbell and Hannah Montana. Heck, I knew who Tinkerbell was but Hannah Montana, I thought girls older than 6 were into her. I guess not. So, in a few short months, this little girl will be my second niece. And not to exclude my first and much younger niece, here's a photo of adorable and wiggly Mikayla! She's grown a lot since I first posted her picture, huh! It's amazing how fast babies grow.

At Julia's birthday party, Nicole invited her family and Steven's family. Steve has 2 older sisters and they bring with them children too. It's different for me to be involved in something like that. I'm the oldest and therefore my kids were always the oldest. While I do have cousins with kids, they live in California and Tennessee so we don't get together often. OK, I'm not sure when the last time was I saw either of them. And my brother, well both his kids are younger and it's only been just this year that there was more than my two boys and Brandon running around. So for all these kids to be racing around, jumping in the bouncy house, playing in the yard, it was a new experience for me. And while I have met Steve's sisters before, it's sinking in that these people will be family. Much sooner than my mind has processed it to be! My sister will be married in less than 6 months! How can this be? So with this marriage, she'll bring with her new people into our lives.

Patrick and I had to leave the birthday party early yesterday. We had arranged a blind date. A possible new relationship? My friend and his friend were going to meet. Patrick's drummer, Jon has been single for a little while and my friend, Traci was the same. Jon was a true gentleman, sweet, kind, nice and extremely generous. If Traci doesn't scoop him up, I'm sure someone will. Jon is a huge Red Sox fan and, just for this blind date with Traci, he purchased 4 tickets to last night's game. We played the White Sox and won!! 8-2, baby!! YAH! Anyhow, our seats were amazing. Check out this photo from where I sat. No zoom at all...

Since I sprained my foot, Jon paid for close to the park parking. Jon and Patrick even paid to have Wally the Green Monster come to our seat and give us a Wally doll and take our photos! Can you believe it? What a chance! I got a fabulous photo of them with the Wally doll but, well... Kerriann tells me I need to ask her permission to post the photo. So, I've asked via email but I haven't heard back. If she says yes, I'll post it for all to see. It's an adorable picture!

Traci and Jon seemed to hit it off, talking and laughing. Whether or not there is another date, well that's not my story to say. I've done my match making and they can do with it whatever they will. But I can tell you that Jon called today asking for her phone number. ;-)

Tomorrow brings with it a new month. September is here. Cooler weather, falling leaves, fresh, crisp apples and a full month of opportunities are on the horizon. As always, keep you eye on my blog for any news or new classes I will be offering.

We have a birthday party tomorrow, Labor Day. And then Tuesday... the New Adventure begins. My little men, Bryce will be a Kindergartener. He will get on the bus Tuesday and go off on his own. While he might call himself a men, he's still my baby! Check back Tuesday night for lots of photos of his new journey. Last Friday, Bryce and I attended Kindergarten orientation. He did wonderfully in the classroom. His new teacher, Miss Clark was fabulous. At one point, she was telling the class that she uses her indoor voice and that she expected them to use their indoor voice. Well, Bryce pops right up and says, "I have an outdoor voice. I can scream. Real loud. Wanna hear it?" And if you've ever been within 6 miles of our home, I'm sure you've all heard it. His scream can just about shatter glass! Miss Clark took this declaration with stride and gently explained that they didn't use that voice in school. Amazingly, he shrugged his shoulders and just said, "OH, OK." and that was that. Man, if I had known it was that easy, I would have used it a long time ago! My Aunt Jayne requested a few pictures of Bryce. Here's my little man, my how he's grown!!

So, you can see why todays post is all about new. Hmmm... I wonder if I can convince Patrick I need a new car? ...Ahh, nevermind. I don't need one. I'm happy with everything I've got!

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