Monday, September 1, 2008

How do you create?

I've got to finish my assignment for My Creative Classroom and tonight was a great night to do that. I'm gonna finish up right after this batch of spackle dries so I thought... hey, I might as well as blog!

Although I've almost completely re-done my studio in the past year, I'm still a messy creator. Maybe that's the best way for me to create. One thing my Mom always told me was that if I have space, I consume it with stuff. When I was younger it might have been knick knacks or music boxes or useless stuff, now... my counters are covered in my to-be-someday-a-great-creation(s). Whether it's pieces of a class I was supposed to have finished 2 weeks ago, or scraps of paper waiting to be thrown away or put away, I consume my space. Completely. If you ask Patrick, he'll even tell you, I'm a pile-maker. My kitchen counters used to just be piles of papers. I say that in past tense but really, it's still like that, it's just that the pile is smaller today so I feel as if I won the battle! :-)

So now that you know my 'dirty' little secret, let me tell you tidbit about myself. I do my best creations to music. I don't know. When I have that Ipod on and I'm listening to my 'flavor of the day', I'm a happy, creative gal. Tonight, I tried something new. I watched a movie on my laptop while working on my class. I did blow through 3 cards but, realistically I already knew what I was going to do and I had read the book so I knew what was going to happen in the movie. So, maybe it was productive, maybe not. I'll have to try again another night and see what happens. And see, I just fibbed to you. I didn't really listen to the book as I listened to it on my Ipod. I don't know what I'd do without that thing. I own an older 5th generation model but it still works and it's still one of my best pieces of technology. Love it!

Now that I've told you how I create... how do you create? Do you create best with friends? At home? Late at night? Early in the morning? Shoot me an email, tell me. I'd love to hear what others are doing.
Tomorrow is Bryce's first day of Kindergarten. I'm nervous. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I know I said it again, but I am. Bryce isn't the best car rider in the world and I'm afraid about the bus ride. I'm afraid he's gonna be sick and never want to go to school again. See, last week Caleb got out of school at 2:50 but didn't get home each day until just about 3:45. We live less than a mile from the school!!!!! Can you believe it? He could have walked home faster. Not that I want him to, he just could. So, if Bryce has to be on that bus for almost an hour or longer tomorrow, he's gonna be sick. I just know it. And I'm gonna be sick waiting to see when the bus brings home my babies. Check back tomorrow for pictures and an update on the bus situation. Yikes. Did I mention I'm nervous?

Oh, I got an email from Traci. She doesn't mind that I share the picture. Here's Traci, Jon and Wally the Green Monster on their blind date...

Cute, huh?

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Bernadette Deleon-Rees said...

Kim, They're wicked cute!!! You're lucky your kids can even get the bus living that close to the school - mine are 3/4 mile away from the school are are not qualified for bus service...they don't walk - they get dropped off...what's better than the school bus - the door-to-door limo service that either grampy or mom provide.