Saturday, August 2, 2008


I hear it all the time... "Enjoy your boys while they are young, they grow up so fast!" or from friends, "When did my little boy turn into a Man?" For me. Well, I know exactly when my little boy became a MAN! When he did this:

See, right after they all went down the big waterslide at 6 Gun City on Wednesday, Caleb and Bryce announced themselves as MEN! Well, of course, I agreed and the day went on (with some chanting of MEN, MEN, Men, Men...). Then tonight we went out to dinner. We went to the 99. After Dinner was over, Bryce tells us he needs to go to the bathroom, so I bring him. I lead him (as I always have) to the ladies room. Well, he's not fooled. No, sir. Not this bright little MAN. He tells me, "that's the girls room, I am a MENS, I need to go to the MENS room" (I did not correct his grammar). I tell him, I can't go into the mens room and that he can go in here. I open the door and... well, practically drag him in. He must have needed to go, so he walked in a stall and peed. I wait, patiently outside the stall, and ask him... "So, you're a Mens, huh?" "Yup, remember, I became a MENS on the waterslide, remember, Mom?" Says Bryce. "Oh, yes, honey, I remember," while giggling to myself! So, I hear the toilet flush and hear a loud noise and see his feet jump back to the door. "Bryce, are you OK?" I ask him when he gets out. "Yup, the toilet just scared me, that's all." So much for being a 'MENS'!!

After he washed his hands. He tried to dry them with the electric blow dryer but it wasn't working, so we had to use paper towels. We went back to our seats and waited for the bill. Once I got back, Caleb needed to use the restroom, so Patrick brought him. WELL... Bryce was NOT happy. Caleb got to go into the MENS room. He was wimpering when Patrick came back out and Daddy offered to bring him to the Mens room and show him around. He went, happily. Once back in the seat, I asked, "so, did the mens room look any different than the ladies?" "Yup," he says, "the dryer works!"

Man, I love that little boy!!

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