Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Nutcracker is starving!

Caleb has this fascination with Nutcrackers. You know the toy soldiers. He's always liked them, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the bright colors, maybe it's the fact they are in character or maybe it's because they can crack a nut with their jaws. Whatever the reason, he loves them.

A few years ago my Mom got Caleb a Nutcracker for Christmas. He loved it! Well, I'm not sure what got into his head but today, he had to play with it. While I'm cleaning the kitchen, I see him rummaging through the pantry. What's he looking for? Why Nuts of course! While we aren't big nut eaters here, we did have a jar of cashew halves and pieces, which Caleb then fed to his Nutcracker. Why? Because his Nutcracker was Starving!!! Didn't I know that the last time the Nutcracker ate was when he first got him, several Christmas' ago? My, Oh, My! It's amazing the Nutcracker lived that long!!

Today was the bi-monthly (meaning every other month, not twice a month - is that the same word? I'll have to look it up.) ATC meeting. I was going to take a picture of all the cards and post them but I left Amy's at the store. Hers were still a little wet and since I had to bring the Cherubs-turned-while-at-store-into-Monsters, I was quick to skeedattle out of there. And I forgot it. The Monsters were playing in and around the car in the parking lot. Probably not something they should be doing. Calgon!!!!! Anyhow, I'll try to remember to post some pictures of them tomorrow. They came out great! Dana, of course, put a fairy in hers. It would not be a piece of art from Dana if she didn't add a fairy. I love it!
I'll be working for a few more hours tonight on some projects and then I promised to bring the Cherubs-hopefully-not-Monsters to the park tomorrow. Yikes, what was I thinking? I'll post some sneak peaks tomorrow night!

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