Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"I'm an Artist!"

Caleb's in camp all week long. And since he leaves at 6:45 AM and isn't home until about 5:30PM I haven't had an opportunity to take photos of him. I'll be sure to get one tomorrow.

Bryce and I had a busy day running back and forth to the Scrapbook Cupboard today. We were celebrating someone's birthday! Anyhow, he's so cute. While I was chatting, he created his very own picture. Look at him create!

He tells everyone that he's an Artist! And he sure is! I'll try to remember to post his finished picture tomorrow.

I realized today that my life is becoming more. More than my planner can hold. I have a planner that's approximately 5x7. I buy it at Target every year and then I cover them to make it my own. It's got pretty nice spaces but ...well, as I said, my life is getting just too busy for the book. I went out to day and bought this...

And quickly filled it to this...

So, if you need me... it appears the 14th is open!

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