Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Busy, Busy day!

Another busy day today. It started with my dropping Bryce off at camp and then Caleb and I went off to my meeting. My meeting went very well.

I'm extremely happy to announce that I will be a guest teacher at the Stamp Act in Marshfield, MA. My class will be on Sunday, August 24th from 1-3PM. Here's a few pictures of what we will be doing...

I call her my metal fairy. She's complete with purse and heart wings. She's made from the large doll convertible and 3 different colored metals. If you would like to sign up, you can call the store at 781-837-5890. Space is limited.

After my meeting with Marie, I brought Caleb to the Coffee Shack to get a donut. Marie had recommended it. The woman behind the counter was so nice and kind. The coffee was fabulous! It was a great place to stop. She gave Caleb a free muffin just for being a good boy while I was in my meeting. That rarely happens anymore. It was nice to see that there are still good people in the world. I'll definitely be going there again!

When I got home my baby sister Erika was there.

And Nicole wasn't too far behind.

We all had lunch together. It's not often all three of us are together. I love my Sister's, they are great! Erika is the youngest, she's a hair stylist. Nicole is older than Erika but still 10 years younger than me. She's getting Married in February. Her dress is gorgeous! Here we are all together...

After lunch with the girls, I had emails and phone calls to make. Perhaps another opportunity in the works. Patrick came home and made Eggplant parmesan for dinner and then off to the Scrapbook Cupboard. After working a few hours there, Kerriann and I went out for Ice Cream. Evidently July is National Ice Cream Month and Kerriann really wanted to celebrate.

So we did...

What a great way to end a great day! Thanks, Kerriann!!!


TXCHALI said...

I LOVE the fairy! Looks like you and your sisters are a great bunch. July - National Ice Cream Month - I had no clue, better start eating my fill of the ice cream now.


Just-Kim said...

Thanks Sue!
I hope you had some ice cream today!

Dana B said...

Hey Kim

Love her! She's very cute. I may have to take the class you're doing. Of course I would :)

Fabulous blog. Love it.
You and your sisters look like a fun bunch!

See you soon!


scrapgeek14 said...

Yep, that sundae was AWESOME! And, I'm so excited that you're becoming known as an artist! Pretty soon I'll be able to say "I knew her when..."