Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A thunderous day... outside...

Image from Flickr taken by 5380Franco

After all the excitement of yesterday, today is quite thunderous. Outside that is. We've been having huge thunderstorms all day. A branch actually came off one of the trees in my yard and landed beside the barn. It doesn't appear there is any damage. We are having another storm right now. Huge boomers.

So what else is on the agenda for today? Well my Mom came over for lunch. This time we went out. It's not usual I have lunch dates every day, but it is common for my Mom to come over once a week to see us. We ate at Jamie's Restaurant and then went to Dairy Queen. Bryce was at camp so it was just Caleb, Mom and I. A nice lunch out.
I have a cute camp story to share, no pictures today just a story...
So, I know from the agenda that the Magician was at camp today.
Mom: Hey, buddy... did the magician pull a rabbit out of a hat?
Bryce: no, just a Yankee.
Mom: was the rabbits name Yankee or Yankee-doodle?
Bryce: No, Mom. No Rabbit.
Mom: Well what kind of an animal is Yankee?
Bryce: Well, he's kinda like a napkin thing...
Mom: Oh, Bryce... you mean a HANKIE!!!

I was laughing myself silly. Bryce has perfect English. You can understand every word he says, he's 5 so you should. But when he said Yankee, I totally didn't expect Hankie!!! I'm still laughing at it. Just the way he said, No Rabbit. Kinda a napkin thing... Yah, it was precious!
I've had some pretty nice emails about my Metal Fairy. Look below for her picture. Or click here: Metal Fairy. If you can't wait to take a metal effects class, call the Scrapbook Cupboard. (508-378-0008) We still have some spaces left in the Metal Cards Class that Donna Maligno and I are teaching on August 13th. I'll show you how to work the metal and then Donna will show you how to put the cards together!
Metal Effects is really easy to do. You can't really mess anything up when working with it. The hardest thing to fix would be if you put a hole in your project. Metal and holes, well they don't fix all that great. But it can be done! If you want to see who's getting into the metal, check out Donna Downey's blog. She created a beautiful album cover with just some metal and two different molds. Simple and elegant all at once. It just goes to show how versatile the medium can be.
I didn't do any studio work today but I will tomorrow. I've sketched out some stuff so it should be easy creating. I'm kinda lucky, I can create with or without a plan, although with a plan is faster. Yet I almost always deviate from my plan in some form or fashion. I guess it's all part of the creative process, right? I hope your day is a creative one!

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