Monday, July 21, 2008


Today was Bryce's first day of Camp so I brought Caleb to see Pokemon at M.O.M. What a fun time. I've never brought either my kids before. I'm not sure why, it's within my 13 mile/minute radius* and it was cheap enough (only $6 per person). It was a great time, although it only lasted 20 minutes. I wish it could have been a bit more.

Caleb had a great time! I could see him trying to grab the 3D items off the screen! It was too cute!! He's 7 so he can understand the characters aren't there but I guess he just had to try. I probably would have too!

The Pokemon Movie wasn't really that great, it was hard to hear. While Caleb enjoyed it the best part, by far, was when they showed the 'Original Movie' at the end. It's real cool, you travel in a police car, a dune buggy, a roller coaster and a truck but the best part was when you traveled as you would if you were a tie fighter. Caleb was estatic! He loves Star Wars so he was thrilled to see it. He told me after that we were travelling through the Death Star. Ohhh... I'm so glad I did some one-on-one interaction with him today. I did tell Bryce when he got home that when Caleb goes to camp in two weeks we'll do it to. I'm thinking on Wednesday I might bring Caleb to the Go Carts. I think he'll enjoy that!

I've got a couple of appointments tomorrow and then I'll try again to upload video. Keep your eyes peeled!

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