Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hoot Hoot, sketch challenge time!

It's Dreamweaver Thursday and I have a fantastic sample for you!.. This week we were supposed to use the following sketch created by Terrece: 

Here is my version of the sketch.  Done with the new LL 3013 Owl Pair stencil and some Faux Cloisonne!

We received in these new dry paints at the store, InkaGold by Viva.  They are really rich and highly pigmented colors.  They all have a shimmer to them too.  So I used those to color in my stencil area first and color the owls.  Then I let dry.  Once dry, I rewet to add embossing powder and create the faux cloisonne look!  The neat thing about the Viva inks, when heat, they bubble up into the embossing powder and create a really neat look!

I hope you are inspired to use this sketch and perhaps try your hand at some faux cloisonne!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stenciling with Style!

What do all of these samples have in common?

They are all samples for my online class! 

I bet you didn't know that I teach online classes with My Creative Classroom?  Yup!  I've been with MCC now for almost 3 years!  This Spring semester, I have a few class offerings and my Stenciling with Style class is one of them!

If you love all those beautiful metal stencil designs out there, you'll love the look of what they can do! Stenciling with Style will walk you through using DreamWeaver's Metal stencils, their pastes, F/X powders and the many different techniques to do with them! This class will is technique based so you will not need to have the same stencils as the instructor but you will be able to complete projects based on the stencils you do have! Class includes video presentations on exactly how to get pasting right every time as well as materials and instructions on basic pasting, dry embossing, theorem stenciling, using the 'picasso' stencil, working with other mediums such as Copic markers, inks and Art Stix, pasting on different mediums, coloring the pastes, adding texture to pastes, sludge pasting and much more!

Class starts on Thursday, February 17th with new material posted every Thursday for 4 weeks. Class cost is $25.  You will be able to join in on class from now through February 25th.

Would you like to take the class for FREE?  Post a comment below and I will choose one person by random to win a free seat in class!  WOW!  If you've ever wanted to learn all there is about Stenciling, why not join us in the classroom today!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's February 14th. The day best known as Valentine's Day!  The Dreamweaver Design Team is having a big Blog Hop with a few other great companies!  Stampendous, Lizzie Anne Designs and Scrappy Chick Boutique!  You'll want to spend some time perusing through these blogs and their design teams blogs.  Not only will we inspire you but you could WIN prizes too!  Go to and leave a comment to see what we have for a prize and enter to win.

Here's my simple Valentine's Card for you... 

The background of this card was made with Shell Pink, Wild Plum and Gold Alcohol Inks.  Then I placed this beautiful stincil over the dried ink and used Pearlescent paste over it.  Adding a simple sentiment finishes it off! 

So if you are looking for a quick card to make for your sweetheart today, this is it!  Simple, easy and beautiful! 

Now hop on over to the next blog to see what they have in store for you!

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Cathy Wallington -

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Patricia Hays -

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Juanita Gillen -

Janelle Stollfus - (corrected)

Mary Collins -

Berenice Rendon -

Cheryl Gorka -

Jessica Fitzgerald -

Dee Morris -

Darsie Bruno -

Sandy Allnock -

Margie Cortina -

Kathy Fronczak -

Cat Darling -

Joyce Martens (Jolara) -

Erin Leveille -

Gudrun Loennecken-

Mackenzie Bruckler -

Melissa (Pink Cat) -

Patty Tanuz -

Emily Leiphart -

Jane Matsumoto -

Kimme Leach -

Kerry Kung -

Heather Lee-Reppen -

Rachel Sztonyk - (corrected)

Jennifer Dove - (corrected)

Lysa -

Erica Johnson-Wanzer -

Tina Kiehn -

Sugar Whiting -

Karin Martin - (new addition)

Sunghee Chon - (new addition)

Tanis Palmer - (new addition)

Lindsey M-P - (new addition)

Kristi Parker Van Doren - (new


Julie E - (new addition)

Alison Heikkila - (new addition)

Audrey E - (new addition)

Laura Drahozal - (new addition)

Louise Healy - (new addition)

Wendy Jordan - (new addition)

Lynell Harlow - (new addition)

Terrece Siddoway - (new addition)


- StampInsanity - with a set of choice for one winner

- Meljens designs - 4 digis to one winner

- Pixie Dust Studio - 2 digis to one winner

- Lizzie Anne Designs - $10 gift certificate (from me)

- Christian Paper Crafts - 1 year general membership

- Paper Pretties - 3 total winners: 1 person will receive Timeless Love stamp

set; 2 people will receive 5 digis of their choice from the store

- Karber Digital Images - 2 digis to one winner

- Di's Digi Downloads - 5 digi images to one winner

- The Scrappychick Boutique - 2 6x6 Cosmo Cricket paper pads to one winner (yes,

Cyndi - or is it 1 pad for each person?)

- Stampendous - 4 cling rubber stamps from new release to 1 winner

- Pink Cat Studio - 5 digis of winner's choice to one winner

- Amber Ink - $10 gift certificate (and more if people use an Amber Ink product

- see deets on their blog)

- Simply Betty Stamps - 3 digis of the winner's choice

- Mark's Finest Papers - set of their choosing to the winner

- Dreamweaver's Stencils - a couple stencils, pearlescent embossing paste and a

palette knife

- Chi Chi Memories - Meaning of Love Digi Stamp Set to one winner (new addition)

- Little Potato House - $20 gift certificate (new addition)

- Kenny K digis: 4 digis to one winner (AND: 2 digis to anyone who uses a Kenny

K image for their hop card) (new addition)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dreamweaver Color Challenge for February!

Welcome back! 

This week, Dreamweaver is having a color challenge.  The colors that were chosen... Pink and Brown!!  I LOVE those colors.  They are MY colors.  My coat is pink and brown, heck even my hair is pink and well.... it's supposed to be blond by it's really brown.  hehe!  So, I decided that since I was teaching a misting class at the Scrapbook Cupboard on February 10th, I would combine the two!  So I used mists for this card.

I used a few of my different mists to get the background.  I believe on this one, I used a pink stain, some tattered angels sherbert and even some Ranger Bronze Perfect Pearls mist.  I misted all of that on glossy paper and then let dry.  That took the longest time.  It was really misted on there and it didn't want to change the look of those droplets so letting it air dry is your best bet!  If I had used a heat gun, those droplets may have moved and that wouldn't be good so I chose to wait.  (I had lunch!)

Once completely dry, I placed the NEW Dreamweaver Damask stencil on top and misted over the stencil with Tattered Angels Marshmellow.  It's a very pale white.  You really can't see the detail unless you enlarge the photo.  It's amazing in person but I know the picture makes it hard to see.  After that dried (I played a silly PC game waiting for this one to dry.  :-)  ) I then pasted on the new heart wreath and the Be My Valentine.  Just in white matte paste.  I let that dry, which was actually a shorter amount of time then the mists!!  I placed the stencils over the paste and used a small stipple brush to add the brown coloring on top of the matte paste.  I mounted the entire piece onto brown cardstock and I was done!  Fabulous!

I didn't just stop there!  While I had all that white mist on the damask stencil, I used it on a different pink piece I had misted.  This time, instead of placing the stencil over the pink colored paper and misting through it, I placed the pink paper on top of the misted stencil.  All that ink that sits on the stencil, don't waste it... use it!!!  Here's my sample...

Can you see the damask image in the pink?  Yup that's the same mist ink that went onto the card above!  Nifty!  Oh and I don't know why but in person, this is really more of a pink color.  This shows it red and pink but it's more pinky.  Sorry about that.  I just got the new Iphone and haven't mastered the photos with it yet. 
Anyhow, after placing the pink piece of paper onto the misted stencil, lift up and let dry.  I then used Silver embossing paste on the heart and an older LOVE stencil.  This LOVE is from a tiny stencil.  I let those dry and then ran a brown ink pad on the sides of the paper and mounted it on a doily and then onto a card!  Perfect!

Once I started with the mists, I couldn't stop!  Here's some more samples I was making...

I just went crazy!  I was having a ball!  I'm excited to continue.  I got a package from Ms. Lynell on Tuesday with new stencils in it.  I'm going to get started on these right away!  I'm so excited to be back in a crafty mode.  And to finally have some time to do it too!  Yippee!

Want to see more fun projects in the pink and brown color theme?  See some of the other Dreamweaver Dream team projects.  You can start by click on the links to the right on my blog or you can go to and follow Lynell through the Dream Team posts.!

Have fun and I hope everyone makes some art today!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome February!

Can you believe that it's February??  You are probably wondering where I've been.  Me too!  The last few months have been filled with a baby, snow, more snow and another baby!  My sister, Nicole gave birth to a beautiful 8 lb 7 oz baby boy on January 28th.  Thomas is absolutely adorable!  Don't believe me?  Check out this picture...

Don'tcha want to just pinch those cheeks!!  Here's me holding the newest bundle of joy.  I know this has been on Facebook a few times but if you aren't a friend, you may not have seen it...

Here's both babies together with my two 'babies'. 

Quite a size difference.  My Caleb was born at 8 lbs. 15 oz and Bryce at 8lbs 2 oz. so it's amazing to see how they go from that small to what they are now.  WOW! 

We've also been keeping very busy with scouting.  Both boys are in cub scouts and it's busy this time of year with Pinewood derby, Blue and Gold, Scout Sunday, and something called a Klondike Gold Rush.  Caleb is in that this year.  It's in two weeks so we'll see what that is all about.  I know he has to trek through the snow in the woods and learn some tips on survival.  Cub Scouts is an amazing program.  They learn so much that they may not without it.  This year, Caleb's car won first place in the Webelo 1 den!  His car will be entered to race in the upcoming tri-town derby!

He's not allowed to take his car home.  It's impounded until the tri-town derby but here he is with his beautiful golden trophy!  Very cool.  He's so proud!

At home, I've been busy redecorating my bathroom.  The wallpaper was falling off and generally it was in disrepair.  I'm happy to say that it should be all done as of tomorrow!  All we have left is the crown molding and it's done.  I love the colors, a soft Paris Mint green, white, tan with silver accents.  I love it.  Here's just a peek (if you'd like to see).

I was very frugal and painted the inside wainscotting on this piece.  We've had this sink/vanity for a while but I thought it needed a little something-something so used the same paint to color the faux wainscoting.  I also painted over my medicine cabinet and a shelf that has been in the bathroom since, well... forever.  But now they look brand new!  Just with one simple coat of paint!  Cool!  The shower curtain I found at Target.  It matches perfectly and I didn't have to search forever for something nice!  Love it!

This week we are on a car hunt.  I'm looking for a new one.  I think we may have found it but I haven't made my final decision yet.  I'm going to check one other place first.  I love car shopping!  Test driving all those cars, smelling the new car smell.  Seeing the insides of the new designs, looking at the older models.... it's fun!  The car I'm currently looking at isn't brand new but it's nice!  Very nice.  We'll see.  As I said, I still have something else to look at.

Well, I'll be back tomorrow AM with a Dreamweaver blog post!  I finally have been crafting again and I'm sticking with it.  I NEED to craft.  Not only do I enjoy it... but it's my JOB!!!  I love that!