Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stenciling with Style!

What do all of these samples have in common?

They are all samples for my online class! 

I bet you didn't know that I teach online classes with My Creative Classroom?  Yup!  I've been with MCC now for almost 3 years!  This Spring semester, I have a few class offerings and my Stenciling with Style class is one of them!

If you love all those beautiful metal stencil designs out there, you'll love the look of what they can do! Stenciling with Style will walk you through using DreamWeaver's Metal stencils, their pastes, F/X powders and the many different techniques to do with them! This class will is technique based so you will not need to have the same stencils as the instructor but you will be able to complete projects based on the stencils you do have! Class includes video presentations on exactly how to get pasting right every time as well as materials and instructions on basic pasting, dry embossing, theorem stenciling, using the 'picasso' stencil, working with other mediums such as Copic markers, inks and Art Stix, pasting on different mediums, coloring the pastes, adding texture to pastes, sludge pasting and much more!

Class starts on Thursday, February 17th with new material posted every Thursday for 4 weeks. Class cost is $25.  You will be able to join in on class from now through February 25th.

Would you like to take the class for FREE?  Post a comment below and I will choose one person by random to win a free seat in class!  WOW!  If you've ever wanted to learn all there is about Stenciling, why not join us in the classroom today!


sommrstamping said...

Kim great promoting of Dreamweaver. Your class sounds fun and fabulous hope you get a lot of students.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

How wonderful that you teach this on line stencil class Kim!

Kristi said...

great job. I need to get mine set up too! Hugs

Wendy said...

That is sooo cool Kim. Great idea. About how many students do you normally get with this?

Deborah March said...

GOOD LUCK on your class...would be tickled pink to be able to join you!