Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some art to share...

I finally have a moment to post some artwork that I have to share with you!  Wanna see?

First, here are my CHA -Summer Dreamweaver Samples:

This is a new stencil for me.  It's number LG 679.  Before I even put the stencil to the paper, I used my Copic airbrush system to airbrush the back ground.  A light speckled blue background was all I was looking for.   Then I used the original Dreamweaver Stencil paste to paste on the scenery.  After I let that dry COMPLETELY, I then used my Copic markers to color each of the individual parts.  I do this with a steady hand right on top of the dry paste.  Don't bother putting the stencil back over the design, if you are too heavy with your hand, you just might accidentally over color the area and bleed the color to the paper.  It's important that the color just stays right on top of the original Dreamweaver Paste.  That's the one with the Maroon label.  :-)

This is the BRAND NEW CHA Summer design!!  It's LJ 902.  I made about 10 different samples using this stencil as I just loved playing with it.  All but this one made it to the round file.  (I can be picky with my art if it doesn't come out right!)  I used the Yellow embossing paste on white watercolor paper.  Watercolor paper is kinda lumpy bumpy, so it adds a nice texture.  Once the yellow paste was dry, I placed the stencil back on top of the design and then used my picasso stencil (that'sll 332) to color in the leaves and stems green.  For the green, I used the oil based Art Stix and a small stencil brush.  The center of each of the daisy flowers has black flowersoft.  It's the fine flowersoft so it's not too chunky.  
Now, if you click on the photo, you might notice that some of it looks shiny.  That's because I didn't realize how long the art stix were going to take to dry.  Hours after I put it on, it still was wet.  So, I threw down some green glitter on it, and it stuck!  I was actually quite happy with the green glitter look once finished. 

Ohhh... this is one of the new Summer releases!  Wheat!  It's item number LL 3008.  This is on Ten Seconds Studios Dark Chocolate Brown metal.  It's actually a really cool process.
First, you need to own a paper stump.  Place your stencil down onto a mouse pad.  Place the metal down on top of the stencil with the color face down.  Use the paper stump to rub over the stencil area, revealing the design.  You'll notice in my design that it's on their three times.  ONLY do the stencil rubbing on the metal twice!  Use your paper stump to really get into the areas of the stencil.
Flip the stencil over and use a sanding block (emery board or other type of sandpaper) to sand off just the raised areas of the design.  Try very hard NOT to hit the other areas.  You might want to push the other areas flat with your paper stump first.
Once you've sanded the areas, use your paper stump to completely flatten the entire piece of metal.  YES!  I said FLATTEN the piece of metal.  You'll notice that because you already sanded it, the images are still there!  Now you can use the stencil on the front of the metal.  Attach it on with repositionable tape and then use the Metallic Silver Paste to paste on a Wheat stalk in the middle of the two that are sanded.  Let that dry completely.  After it's dry, place your stencil back on to the pasted design and use alcohol inks and an applicator to add a little bit of color to the metallic paste.
Lastly, I used just a wheel from Merc Art to add a little bit of texture around the edges.  Sanded those and viola!  Done!
OK, I know this was a LOT!  Let me know if you'd like a step by step tutorial with photos and I'll do it!  But you gotta let me know you want it!

Oh, this is one of my FAVORITES!!!  I'm so gonna repeat this in a class soon!  This is the sign stencil number LG 684. As well as the itty bitty Season's Greetings, number LS 91. 
I love this one!!
It's all done on blue cardstock.  First, use a white pigment ink to add a little bit of texture to the background.  Then I used black matte embossing paste on the sign stencil.  While that was drying, I measured the inside of the sign and cut a small piece of the wood paper from Creative Imaginations and used the Season's Greetings stencil and Glossy white paste to stencil in the middle of the wood paper.  I let all that dry.
After it was dry, I placed the sign stencil back on and added a little bit of the palette glue and the NEW Metallic F/X Mica Powder Gold Dust to parts of the sign.  I also put the stencil back ontot the Season's Greetings design and colored the words with red oil based Art Paint Stix.  After adhereing the sign into the middle of the cut out area of the signpost, I then used glossy dreamweaver paste - as is! - to add a little bit of snow to to the bottom of the scenery.  Now, I thought I was done with this after I did that and I needed to run an errand.  Well, while driving, I realized that I needed to add just ONE more element to this card.  I NEEDED a little sparkle!  So, before the white glossy Dreamweaver paste dried, I embedded just a tiny amount of white glitter.  Just to add that snowy sparkle!

The NEW Peacock!  My friend, Mimi's favorite stencil.  She was with me when I started using this stencil.  She accidentally saw it before she was supposed to.  Oops.  She promised NOT to say anything but as soon as they the design was released to the public, she told Bev (the owner of the store I work at) that she was on the list for when they came in.  I'm happy to say, that I KNOW that Miss Mimi is a proud owner of this beautiful stencil!  I bet you are wondering what number this stencil is - so you can order your own!  It's LG 730.  Get it, now!! It's simply gorgeous!  Have you seen the other samples the other gals on the Dream Team have done with it.  SO much!!!  Go look!  Their blogs on on the right -------> over there------> go look!
This was my sample on the Dreamweaver blog.  YAH!  I love it!  Go take a peek!


So, I've been a little busy.

Not only have I created those wonderful samples for CHA but I've also got a few samples of classes at the Scrapbook Cupboard too! I was going to show them here tonight but the photos appear to still be on my phone.  I'll grab them and get them up for tomorrow.  I promise!

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