Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Metal Flowers!

March 2, 2010

I've had this thought in my head for a while.  My problem is that I'm looking for a stylish and unique way of showing off metal embossing techniques.  Yah, I could make another wall hanging - or I could create some cards, heck I can even make a mailbox but I am looking for something to put in my home that will also remind me and act as inspiration. 

Two months ago when I was just starting sewing, I came across this McCall pattern:
And something inside clicked!  I wanted to make these out of metal!  With all sorts of different metal techniques on the petals!  I just knew it could be done!

Well, all the best plans need some tweaking, right?!  Well, I did make exactly one of those flowers from metal and it looked like this:

Well, that wasnt cutting the mustard in my opinion.  It was flat, one dimensional and I wanted something that stood out more.  Something that would look good sitting in a vase.  So, I came up with these:

See how they stand up?  See how they look like they are looking for the sun?  Looking for Spring?  Yup, these are what I'm looking for!

These flowers {and one more not photographed} will be taught at the Scrapbook Cupboard in East Bridgewater this Friday night from 7-10PM!  Whew, cutting it close on that display sample, eh?! 

Oh, and if you don't live in the area... these flowers will also be part of the Advanced Metal Techniques class through My Creative Classroom.  That class starts Tuesday, March 30th.  There will be 6 flowers all together in that class.  That class runs for 5 weeks.

Now off to finish making dinner, yikes it's getting late!

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SDC Texas said...

Love that you're blogging again. It seems that rearranging your studio had put a little spark back into your creative mind. Have fun.