Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Working on some flowers....

My Advanced Metal Techniques class opens next Tuesday at My Creative Classroom.  As is usual with me, I'm a wonderful procrastinator.  I've been feverishly working on the class, filling both Tuesday and Wednesday with flowers of all kinds, and using all types of different techniques with them too.  I made Daisies, Lilies, Dahlia's, Roses and other unknown flowers.  I used colored metals and Pepsi cans.  I used alcohol inks, paints, glossy accents, decorative scissors, punches, paper, adhesives, nail polish and lots more!

Here, let me show you some that I made...

This is a play off of the Grungeboard Roses.  I didn't have Wendy Vecchi's stamp, though, so I made due with my own template.  It's ok.  It didn't come out as I wanted so I think I'll make another and tweak it to my likings.  I love the way the Pink Diamond Metal looks though!

These are my new favorites!  I love how these came out and they are so easy.  I could continue to make these for days!  They are sturdy and elegant.  Absolutely stunning!  It makes me wish I knew someone getting married.  These would make beautiful centerpieces!

I loved these too!  Not elegant but almost whimsical.  These are super easy to make.  I loved making these, too!

I had to show the side view of this one.  I love that it's triple layered so it has some petals that hang down.  This is really pretty little, only about 2 inches across, it would make very beautiful and delicate filler flowers for those lilies above, huh!

All the directions for these flowers will be in class.  I'm still working tonight and I've got another flower type and a better rose that I'm working on. 

Class won't just be about flowers, we'll also do a monogrammed home decor piece.  Her'es a snippet...

 We're going to make jewelry pieces and a mini scrapbook too!  All in 4 weeks worth of class!  This class is an amazing deal too!  Only $25!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Bryce story...

I've told this story to several of my friends but it bears being immortalized in Blog Land!

About a week and a half ago Bryce came home on a Thursday afternoon off the bus.  Patrick  has Thursday's off so I don't have to go traipsing down to the bus stop on those days (yah!).  Anyhow, we he came in the door, he says:

"Mom, I have something to tell you.  And Dad, you need to leave the room and close your ears!" 

Bryce is 6 3/4.  Don't forget that 3/4 either!  He'll be 7 in May so it's a big deal to be 3/4 of a year!  :-)

So Patrick walks off in a little faux huff and I ask him:

"What's wrong honey?"

"Nothing.  I just wanted to tell you about a girl on the bus that I like."

"Oh?  Really?  What's her name?"


"And is she in your class?"
"No, just on my bus.  But she's in 1st grade too.  Mom, I want to buy Alicia some flowers and give them to her on the bus."

Here's me thinking (quickly!).... can I let him do that?  What if kids are allergic?  What if she's allergic?  What is she going to do with flowers all day long at school?  But I say:
"Sure, honey.  We can pick out some nice flowers for her on Sunday night and you can give them to her on Monday.  Will that be OK?"

"Sure, Mom.  They have to be purple flowers."

"OK, honey.  Well you can pick them out for her.  So tell me, what does she look like?"

"I don't know.  She's got hair likes yours and she's nice."

"So why do you like her?"

Here it is.... Here's what a 6 3/4 year old boy thinks is CUTE in a 1st grader.!  This is what he's basing his infatuation on...

"Oh Mom, she's so cool!!  She's lost 10 teeth already!!"

Yup!  That's my kid.  So innocent, so cute!  I dare not tell him her teeth will grow back!  But I think he knows that.

So, we did buy Alicia flowers.  And it worked out that I brought 3 flowers wrapped in a wet paper towel and then in a little plastic baggy to school on Tuesday when I volunteered.  Bryce took them and gave them to her on the bus on the way home.  That way they were still in great condition. 

When he got off the bus that day, sure enough there was a little curly headed blond girl with a toothless smile waving at me!  She was cute!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Class Coupon!

My Creative Classroom is offering a class coupon!  And you can collect as many as you'd like!  Here are the details...

To celebrate National Craft Month we will be providing you an opportunity to earn 'cash' towards future courses during the month of March. For every course you enroll in during the month of March you will a $5 off coupon towards a future course of your choice. Earn as many as you want, use them together or one at a time. Coupons are good through December 2010.

We will add up your coupons and send you an email with the total by April 15th. What a nice way to celebrate tax day. :) To earn a coupon you must enroll in a course in March, but the course does not need to start in March.
WOW!  What a great deal!  I have two more classes this semester that I'm offering there.  Advanced Metal Techniques and More Art Journals, Hand Bound.  You do not have to have taken the first two to take these.  All my classes are stand-alone classes and perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

Maybe I'll see you in the classroom!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Metal Flowers!

March 2, 2010

I've had this thought in my head for a while.  My problem is that I'm looking for a stylish and unique way of showing off metal embossing techniques.  Yah, I could make another wall hanging - or I could create some cards, heck I can even make a mailbox but I am looking for something to put in my home that will also remind me and act as inspiration. 

Two months ago when I was just starting sewing, I came across this McCall pattern:
And something inside clicked!  I wanted to make these out of metal!  With all sorts of different metal techniques on the petals!  I just knew it could be done!

Well, all the best plans need some tweaking, right?!  Well, I did make exactly one of those flowers from metal and it looked like this:

Well, that wasnt cutting the mustard in my opinion.  It was flat, one dimensional and I wanted something that stood out more.  Something that would look good sitting in a vase.  So, I came up with these:

See how they stand up?  See how they look like they are looking for the sun?  Looking for Spring?  Yup, these are what I'm looking for!

These flowers {and one more not photographed} will be taught at the Scrapbook Cupboard in East Bridgewater this Friday night from 7-10PM!  Whew, cutting it close on that display sample, eh?! 

Oh, and if you don't live in the area... these flowers will also be part of the Advanced Metal Techniques class through My Creative Classroom.  That class starts Tuesday, March 30th.  There will be 6 flowers all together in that class.  That class runs for 5 weeks.

Now off to finish making dinner, yikes it's getting late!