Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Classrooms are up and online!

I have 4 classrooms up and ready for enrollment over at My Creative Classroom

Here's a breakdown of what I'm offering and the descriptions...

Metal Sampler
Class Starts Tuesday, February 9th.  This is a 3 week class for $25. 

Class Description:
Metal embossing is one of the hottest techniques in the market today. The art of embossing metal has been around for centuries but has just exploded with papercrafting artists within the last few years. Papercrafters are using embossed metal for their cards, scrapbooks, home decor and more!

Have you wanted to try metal embossing but not sure how it's done? It's an easy and rewarding craft. Kim Parkinson has made metal embossing her passion for the last 4 years. She is a Ten Seconds Studio Certified Instructor but hasn't stopped there. Kim has created a Metal Sampler with 14 different embossing techniques that are both easy to learn and to apply to your crafts and projects. She's even created a technique of her own and shares that technique in this 3 week workshop. Once completed your Sampler also makes a beautiful piece of art for you to hang and display!

Metal embossing isn't difficult and it doesn't have to be expensive. Using many popular items such as stamps, stencils, paints, inks and sprays, you are sure to have many of the items to complete this project on hand already. Kim will guide you through the embossing products in the market today as well as showing you some simple and economical ways you can get started. Please take a look at the Supply List for a more information on what we will be using in class. Or take a look at the Substitution List to see how quickly you can get started!

Art Journals, Hand Bound
Class Starts Tuesday, February 23.  This four week class is $20.

Class Description:
These Art Journals will be treasured for years to come. This class is jam-packed with loads of techniques! We'll explore paints, chalks, inks and mists. We'll decorate each page in the books as well as create the covers and then finish them with a hand sewn binding. They can be created with Metal coverings or without.

This class will run for 4 weeks and each week we'll cover several techniques. By the end of class, you'll have created two journals perfect for keeping your art thoughts, or for scrapbooks or just to enjoy!

Advanced Metal Techniques
Class Starts Tuesday, March 30. This 4 week class is $25.

Advanced Metal Techniques

Did you take the Metal Sampler and couldn’t get enough? Never taken a metal embossing class before? Dabbled in embossing but want to know more? Then this is the class for you!

Kim Parkinson has made metal embossing her passion for 4 years! She’s a certified Ten Seconds Studio Instructor but hasn’t stopped there, creating several of her own techniques along the way. This semester, Kim is bringing to you two new and fantastic home décor pieces, easy to make and enjoy. In this 4 week class you’ll use jewels, decorative scissors, inks, soda cans and nail polish to collage, stitch and color the metal into two stunning pieces you’ll enjoy for years to come. One of those pieces can even be used outside of your home! Kim will also show you how to take these techniques from home décor to your papercrafting projects by completing a mini scrapbook for your treasured photos.

There’s no pre-requisite for this class, come with lots or little experience. If you are looking to try something new, then this is it! Please take a moment to review the Supply list as well as the Substitution list. Crafting shouldn’t always be expensive and Kim has some great tips on making metal embossing more affordable!

MORE Art Journals, Hand Bound
Class starts Tuesday, April 20th.  This four week class is $20.


This is ‘bound’ to be another fun class! There is a lot more techniques and two more stitches in this class! We’re going to be using paints, inks, gel medium, mists, collage art and even beeswax! You’ll be using needles, thread, floss, chipboard and cardstock too! If you’d like you can even use some embossed metal to cover your project!

This class doesn't just cover stitching your own art journals but also completing the pages within with different mixed media techniques too!

In this four week class we will complete two hand bound journals. Both journals will come with complete instructions for the inside pages and bindings. Also included are videos showing you exactly how to complete the bindings, stitch by stitch.

You can make these journals more than just a journal, you can make these a work of art!

There's lots of great classes at My Creative Classroom.  If you haven't been over to see what's new, you might want to do so soon.  Registration has just opened and the first classes start on February 1st.

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