Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big class today...

Rather than chat with the family this morning, I thought I'd update my blog since I'm saving my voice. 

See, I'll be talking for the next 4 hours at my big Copic Review class at the Scrapbook Cupboard!

This Copic Review class covers the first six months of the Copic Collection I taught at the Cupboard.  There is so much information we cover in these classes I still don't teach it all!  As a matter of fact, I teach just one or two things from each class but I give you ALL the hand outs for each of those 6 months.  It's really a great deal.  The class is $59, includes 6 markers and 6 months worth of step by step hand outs!  WOW!

This class is full (or maybe it has one spot) but there will be another one in March.  Sunday, March 14th to be exact.  Class is held from 12-4PM and it's a download of a whole bunch of knowledge.  Loads of knowledge ... and I never shut up!  It's the only class I talk for hours and hours on end.  And if you know me... you know, I'm not a big talker.

Would you like to know what I'm going to talk about for 4 hours?  Let's see, first I'll go over all the basics regarding Copic Markers.  Then we start working on the simple blending...

Then we'll go over all those cool things that the Gray's and Colorless Blender can do... everyone gets a hand drawn Kim house!  I love making houses!!

We'll then move on to using your Copic's with other mediums...

And then ON other mediums...

Next we go over the Air Brush System and lastly, skin tones!

You think that's all?  NOPE!  I have 6 more month's of Copic Collections that I'm in the middle of teaching now.  So there will be another Copic Review 2! coming up in April encompassing all "those" techniques! 

While I'm not an expert at the Copic's, I'm really good at breaking down things and figuring how they work.  I will say that since becoming a Certified Copic Designer last year, I've barely touched another marker since! 

Oh, it's time to go to class...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, you might want to check out...

Stampers Quest EZine today.

Part one of my 2 part article on Inks is up and ready for your reading pleasure!  Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Classrooms are up and online!

I have 4 classrooms up and ready for enrollment over at My Creative Classroom

Here's a breakdown of what I'm offering and the descriptions...

Metal Sampler
Class Starts Tuesday, February 9th.  This is a 3 week class for $25. 

Class Description:
Metal embossing is one of the hottest techniques in the market today. The art of embossing metal has been around for centuries but has just exploded with papercrafting artists within the last few years. Papercrafters are using embossed metal for their cards, scrapbooks, home decor and more!

Have you wanted to try metal embossing but not sure how it's done? It's an easy and rewarding craft. Kim Parkinson has made metal embossing her passion for the last 4 years. She is a Ten Seconds Studio Certified Instructor but hasn't stopped there. Kim has created a Metal Sampler with 14 different embossing techniques that are both easy to learn and to apply to your crafts and projects. She's even created a technique of her own and shares that technique in this 3 week workshop. Once completed your Sampler also makes a beautiful piece of art for you to hang and display!

Metal embossing isn't difficult and it doesn't have to be expensive. Using many popular items such as stamps, stencils, paints, inks and sprays, you are sure to have many of the items to complete this project on hand already. Kim will guide you through the embossing products in the market today as well as showing you some simple and economical ways you can get started. Please take a look at the Supply List for a more information on what we will be using in class. Or take a look at the Substitution List to see how quickly you can get started!

Art Journals, Hand Bound
Class Starts Tuesday, February 23.  This four week class is $20.

Class Description:
These Art Journals will be treasured for years to come. This class is jam-packed with loads of techniques! We'll explore paints, chalks, inks and mists. We'll decorate each page in the books as well as create the covers and then finish them with a hand sewn binding. They can be created with Metal coverings or without.

This class will run for 4 weeks and each week we'll cover several techniques. By the end of class, you'll have created two journals perfect for keeping your art thoughts, or for scrapbooks or just to enjoy!

Advanced Metal Techniques
Class Starts Tuesday, March 30. This 4 week class is $25.

Advanced Metal Techniques

Did you take the Metal Sampler and couldn’t get enough? Never taken a metal embossing class before? Dabbled in embossing but want to know more? Then this is the class for you!

Kim Parkinson has made metal embossing her passion for 4 years! She’s a certified Ten Seconds Studio Instructor but hasn’t stopped there, creating several of her own techniques along the way. This semester, Kim is bringing to you two new and fantastic home décor pieces, easy to make and enjoy. In this 4 week class you’ll use jewels, decorative scissors, inks, soda cans and nail polish to collage, stitch and color the metal into two stunning pieces you’ll enjoy for years to come. One of those pieces can even be used outside of your home! Kim will also show you how to take these techniques from home décor to your papercrafting projects by completing a mini scrapbook for your treasured photos.

There’s no pre-requisite for this class, come with lots or little experience. If you are looking to try something new, then this is it! Please take a moment to review the Supply list as well as the Substitution list. Crafting shouldn’t always be expensive and Kim has some great tips on making metal embossing more affordable!

MORE Art Journals, Hand Bound
Class starts Tuesday, April 20th.  This four week class is $20.


This is ‘bound’ to be another fun class! There is a lot more techniques and two more stitches in this class! We’re going to be using paints, inks, gel medium, mists, collage art and even beeswax! You’ll be using needles, thread, floss, chipboard and cardstock too! If you’d like you can even use some embossed metal to cover your project!

This class doesn't just cover stitching your own art journals but also completing the pages within with different mixed media techniques too!

In this four week class we will complete two hand bound journals. Both journals will come with complete instructions for the inside pages and bindings. Also included are videos showing you exactly how to complete the bindings, stitch by stitch.

You can make these journals more than just a journal, you can make these a work of art!

There's lots of great classes at My Creative Classroom.  If you haven't been over to see what's new, you might want to do so soon.  Registration has just opened and the first classes start on February 1st.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Staying busy!

I've been staying busy today.  Working on my classroom's at as well as playing with my newest toy...

Yup, it's finally active and I'm using it.  WOW!  What a learning curve compared to the other phones I've used.  I'm loving it but it's taking me a while to get used to and I really don't have the time to spend on it.  There's just so much it can do!  I'm now fully plugged into the world!  OK, I say that yet yesterday I didn't log onto email even once with my computer.  I actually never even turned the thing on yesterday.  Too much fun enjoying some time with the family - who were all home for MLK Jr. Day.

I'm working on quite a few things tonight.  I've got a lot of deadlines either past or coming up and they need addressing.  Hmmm... maybe I should shut off my new phone to get them done.... 


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Find me on Facebook...

I've been posting occasionally on Facebook for the last few months.  I've got a few pictures up there of projects I"ve done, pictures of the kids and more.

Interested in being my friend?  Click here:

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Renewed Excitement!

I've been lost in lala land for a little while.  The busyiness of the Holidays and the stress of some personal issues coupled with some uneventful dieting had put me in some doldrums.  Not that my muse has been lost, NO! I've been creating classes as they need to be created but I haven't been looking ahead too far lately.  But I'm ready for a change! 

A few things have changed recently that I'm very excited about! 

Let's see, where to start? 

Well, Patrick made me a fabulous cabinet for my studio as well as a place for all my stamps.  This piece really is exactly what I needed!  All my most loved and recently purchased stamps plus some items I always seem to be looking for are here. 

and then behind me is this giant cabinet...

It's got three shelves inside and is really high up on the wall.  I put some dry erase paper on it to write my to do and up coming lists on it.  I whited them out here but you can see, it's a lot of space.  See that picture in the background?  My very talented friend, Mandy made that years ago.  I did some hypnosis with her this past Summer and she gave it to me.  I love it! 

After spending about a week organizing those cabinets, I thought I'd jump right on the bandwagon and get to creating.  Well, it wasn't so.  I guess as with everything, it takes some getting used to.  I love both pieces and already have seen how much of an asset they are to my studio.

I've been asked to teach again online at My Creative Classroom.  I'll be teaching 5 classes coming this Spring Semester.  The Metal Sampler and Art Journals, Hand Bound from last semester as well as Advanced Metal techniques and More Art Journals, Handbound.  There's a card class in me waiting to come out too but it's not until very late in the semester so I haven't done much to start that.  Speaking of My Creative Classroom, did you know that if you join as a Fan on their Facebook page that you are entered to win a gift cretificate for $30!  That's one, maybe two FREE classes!  Check them out here: 
My Creative Classroom Facebook Page

There's been lots of research and development regarding my classes.  I've been purusing through a few books:

I've been using my sketchbook (which, I'm ashamed to say needed to be dusted off !!) and I even found a few things I'm going to be playing with soon.  I found this at an auto supply store...

and this at Home Depot:

Hmmm... lots of interesting ideas swirling through my mind!  Now to use that dusted sketchbook and get them out!

So what's got me all fired up and ready to rock and roll?  A few more things.  I've been exploring taking other classes for myself.  It's tough and draining to come up with 5 to 6 classes a month plus teach them without getting any feedback from other sources.  So, I decided that what I really needed was to expand my craft knowledge.  My friend, Susan, and I are taking sewing classes at Saftlers on Monday's.  It's a 10 week course and I'm going to make one of these...

Oops, sorry it's sideways but you can see what it is!  I've picked up a few more patterns.  I'm hoping to incorporate more sewing into my crafts.  I've even got my eyes on a quilting class in March.  I'm hoping I easily grasp the sewing knowledge to be able to make it to that class.

Then last Thursday, I took a painting class. One Stroke Certified Instructor Jean Belbin taught me how to make this:

It looks hard but just as the teacher promised, it was easy and just takes practice to get the hang of.  She's doing another one of these classes at the Scrapbook Cupboard next week.  I believe it says it's the next step up from this class or maybe it says advanced but either way, I don't think this is a pre-requisite.  Jean proved to be a patient teacher and everyone left with something they were happy with.

Then last night I took a class with Jane Davies at Ink About It.  The class was called Book Proposal Workshop.  Jane was very informative, had lots of information and answered every one of our questions.  It really got me excited.  Writing a craft book takes a lot of work, long hours and little pay but if you are looking to get some knowledge out there or to see your name in print, it may not be as hard as you think!  I'm going to mull this information over for a while longer.  I hate overextending myself but I've got lots to think about and perhaps some day another iron to put onto the fire!

I'll be back up at Ink About It on Thursday,  February 4th for a daytime class.  I'll be there teaching the Metal Sampler.  Class is almost full there, so if you are on the North Shore and interested, call them now!  If you aren't interested in traveling to Westford or can't make it to a weekday daytime class, the Metal Sampler is available this Sunday at the Scrapbook Cupboard or online at My Creative Classroom starting February 9th.  Lots of options to learn!

My teaching doesn't stop there, either.  Blue Hills called in late December and I'll be doing an 8 week Scrapbooking workshop at Blue Hills Regional School District on Monday nights beginning March 1st.

Whew!  See why I'm getting excited?  Oh, and I almost forgot one of the biggest roles I was hired for!  Yikes!  Not only am I the 2009-2010 TrailMaster winner at Stampers Quest Ezine, but I'm also now their Product Guru Review writer!  My first article will be published online next week.  If you are on the Stampers Quest home page, you can sign up for notification of new articles and you'll get it delivered to your email box!  My first article is a two part-er and is goes in depth on something that us Stampers use every time we stamp!  Can you guess what it is?

On a personal front, the kids are doing fabulous.  Patrick is just about to take on a better position in his company.  It's not in stone but I'm hoping.  We really need it to happen.  And yesterday, I signed up to be a Tastefully Simple consultant.  After my consultant told me how much I spent on the food each year and how much I could save, it was kinda a no-brainer.  So now, if I didn't think I had enough to keep me busy before...  well, maybe that will help push me in the right direction!

More is coming.  I've given the blog a make-over and now, I'm ready to create and share.  Are you ready?