Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Card Keeper

I've been thinking... I've been a bad blogger lately. Other than not updating regularly, I also haven't done any projects or free tutorials lately.  Tsk.. tsk on me!

So, I was thinking. 

Last year I taught a Holiday Card Keeper class online to a Yahoo group that I belong to. Here it is:

And it occurred to me that I should post these directions here.  For you... out there in blogland. 

This class spanned 4 days online so I'm going to do the same here.  I'm going to post the supply list today and then set up the blog to post a new lesson at 8AM EST each day for the next 3 days.  If you have any questions along the way or at the end, post them here and I'll answer them here online too. 

If you decide to try this out, feel free to use whatever stamp set you have and like.  The women in the Yahoo Group that tried this all used different stamps and they each came out beautifully.  For these techniques, you won't be able to use word stamps, once embossed the words will be backwards.  Other than that... try it.  It's easy and fun!  AND! I tell you how to emboss using cheap materials that you may already have at home!

Here's the Supply List, come back tomorrow for the first set of directions:  Have Fun!

Supply List:

Box with lid – I’m using a cigar box, it measures 8 ¼ x 7 ¾ x 3, any Paper Mache box will work too.
Holiday papers
Gel Medium, Mod Podge or other favorite wet adhesive
Paints with Brushes, I’m using the Studio Paints by Ranger but any acrylic paints will do.
Sand Paper and Sanding Block
Aluminum Metal Foil – about 36-40 gauges will work well. **See below for a tip on this**
Stamps, any of your favorite images will work. Don’t use ones with words for your first design.
Staz On or Archival Ink, any color is fine although a dark color is best.
Tracing paper or words printed backwards.
Paper Stump - or popsicle stick
Refiner tool – or empty ball point pen
Ball and Cup tool – or medium sized stylus
Thin Mat - or mouse pad
Acrylic Mat - or glass cutting mat
Small Wheel Tool – I use the ones by Ten Seconds Studio but Merc Art makes some and there are even some that quilters use. This past Halloween we bought a pumpkin carving set and it had a wheel tool in it that will work too!
Brass Brush - you can purchase one of these in your local hardware store.  The hardware store one is bigger but will still work in a pinch.
Lightweight Spackle
Humungo - or Red Line Tape. You can also substitute strong glue. I’ve used The Ultimate with great results. 

**The metal I used is a 40 gauge aluminum sold by Ten Seconds Studio. They make several different color coated metals.
If you don’t own metals by Ten Seconds Studio, you can use the metal foils made by Amaco or Merc Art as well.
OR - If you can’t get your hands on any of this metal foil, an alternative to this would be the top to an aluminum party plan. These can be found in your local super market, Wal-Mart or any party planning stores. I’ve bought mine for as little as 49 cents! If you choose the bottoms, you will find that they have too many creases and that many are stamped with a logo. This molding and stamping are hard to get out – and could be impossible so I’d just stick with the tops. Many times you can buy the tops seperately.

Check back tomorrow morning for the first part of the directions for this Holiday Card Keeper box.

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