Monday, February 2, 2009

Shop Hop Pics

On Saturday a bunch of us went to 5 different stores on the North Shore. Absolutely Everything, Wholly Scrap, The Paper Tree, Ink About It and Scrapbookers Dream in that order.

At every store I took some candid shots and then at each store we took a group shot. While the group shot didn't always get taken with my camera, I still have a bunch of photos to share...

Thanks, ladies for a great time!!
EDITED! I forgot that I told the ladies in my ride that I would share some of the quotes for the day. Here they are:

Wicked Cheesy
The Garmin is wrong
Here's a buck for the Toll... again
Where's the ding, there's no ding!
Make a U Turn!
Ramp Right
I want an aggressive Garmin, one that will tell it's cousin the missile
satellite to shoot a laser on the ground in front of your car.
Let's go for Ice Cream, oh, it's closed.
Oh that class was today. Ahhh... no it wasn't, we have the
Do you know the Muffin Man...


cheryl mezzetti said...

i wanted to drop in and tell you how much i love your work! You are soo talented! Love the mirror.

Alison said...

What great fun you all had!!

specialteach08 said...

Kim I look pregnant in these photos.. Iguess Ihave to check your blog more often to approve pictures.....