Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Daley

Announcing the newest Mr. and Mrs. Daley!

I posted a ton of pictures on my Facebook Page and wanted to post a few here for those not on Facebook...

Here's a photo from the Bachelorette party the night before. We stayed in, drank, played games and Nicole fixed the Unity Candle Base (it wasn't colorful enough for her, hopefully I'll find a photo of it).

I love this photo of Nicole getting her makeup done. I'm not a fabulous photographer (check out my friend Bernadette's blog for some GREAT photography) but this photo is just pleasing to me. I love that she's looking away, that the colors are a little warmer than they should be, the action of the makeup artist, Michelle's hand putting on the lipstick. This photo speaks to me... It shows her happiness, her tentativness and her it show her thinking about the now, the day, the moment.

Here are my boys all dressed and ready for pictures. They went to the ceremony but then Patrick's Parents brought them home so we could party!

During the ceremony. My Aunt Patty captured the photos with the date on them.

My boys and I... Caleb was done taking pictures by now. Can you tell? He's on the left.

I didn't personally take any good photos at the reception. I was having too much fun. And, I really can't get my camera to take good indoor low light photos. Maybe someone else in the family will have some I can post. Or you can look at them on facebook.

I wrote my Matron of Honor Speech in the wee hours of the morning of the wedding (between 12AM - 1:30AM) and everyone enjoyed it. I made many people (women AND men!) cry and laugh so I guess I did a good job. Even the bride, she needed to be escorted to the bathroom for some tissues afterwards. Oops. Well, I meant it all. I love her and I congratulate them. I'm so proud of her. And she'll always be my little sister, even if she is now Mrs. Daley.