Sunday, December 21, 2008

Warm and Cozy...

Oh the weather outside is frightful~! And has been for about 44 hours. I'm telling you, I don't think it has stopped snowing in my area since 2 pm on Friday. And it's 11:30 AM here on Sunday now. When we woke this morning to make pancakes, here's a photo out my kitchen window into my backyard and a photo out my side door onto the driveway and street...

And it's still snowing! And supposed to continue until this evening at about 8, with maybe a little rain mixed in. School tomorrow - I doubt it. I'm so glad I finished my Christmas shopping on Thursday of last week. And last night, all wrapped. Yup! I'm ready! I'm gearing up.
Friday, Patrick came home about an hour early and I didn't have to work so we finally had time to set up the new living room. I have it on good authority that Santa is going to bless my boys with the one thing they want the most... Wii. Yup, Mr. Claus called and told us that maybe we should think about rearranging our living room as this game can get pretty physical. This also led Mr. Claus to recommend that we get a flat screen LCD TV and mount it on our wall where perhaps it would be safer. And, oh yah, by the way, that's a joint Christmas present. Ah-hem. Oh, really. Mr. Claus already had the TV picked out and (ah-ha!) it arrived on December 5. ~Only to sit in my living room until last Friday. Yes Mr. Claus is always well prepared but knows there are limitations to Mrs. Claus and sometimes waiting and not overloading her with work is the best way into her heart. So, the TV is up... but the living room isn't quite clean yet (notice the vacuum and the box?)
In the picture, Bryce is playing Super Nintendo's Zelda. Wait until they see the NEW Zelda. Oh, my!! And look, I surprised Krystal with a picture. She's so cute but so scared of the camera. After I took this shot, she ran upstairs and didn't come down again until I put it away. Silly Puppy!
I postponed my Winter Canvas class until next Saturday. I did do a private class for two ladies that came up from Rhode Island. They were already on their way and since I was already at the Scrapbook Cupboard, why not? The class will be on Saturday, December 27th from 10AM-12PM. If you're in the area and want to take the class, call the store.
Today, we're going to get a new mattress and box Spring. After Patrick snow blows the driveway for the 5th time (yup, 5!). The boys are outside right now enjoying the snow and I'm going to start cleaning up the house for Christmas. With all my crafty obligations, I've been real slack on cleaning my studio. What a pit!
I have some new organizational racks I'd like to use, so hopefully I can figure that all out before Wednesday night.
Oh, and before I leave, I thought I'd share Whitey's new home.
On the dry sink in the living room. Patrick and I are thinking this is probably the best place for him. So, here's a cute photo of Caleb and his fish. That fish is like a dog, very curious. Follows you around everywhere. Greets everyone that walks into the kitchen. A couple of weeks ago, I had bought an Algae eating fish but when I fed it the Algae wafer, it died and so our other fish, Baseball. So all we have left is Whitey. He wasn't looking so good for a while but he bounced back and now better than ever. Do fish get lonely, though? I hope not.
Oh, one last thing. Patrick just came in. He measured the snowfall so far. 17 inches. And it's still falling. We have another 8 hours of snow fall. Yikes!


Sherry Goodloe said...

WOW - 17 inches! The last snow fall I remember like that was the winter I moved from Indiana to California. When the bus pulled out it was 9 below zero, there was 9" of snow and when I arrived in L.A. it was 90 degrees at the Santa Monica beach!

I hope the roads are clear enough for your new bed to arrive today *smiles*

Lisa said...

We've been pretty snowed in over in Brockton too!

Julie Jacobs said...

Hey Kim, Sounds like you've got it all together!!!!The kids will love Wii. My parents actually have it at their house, long before I even knew what it was! One of these days I'll make it to one of your awesome classes. So inspiring!

LynneForsythe said...

Hey girl....the snows pretty high here too....almost couldn't make it out of the house. These are like the snowfalls of olden days...when I was a kid!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!