Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I had a great weekend! While not too crafty, I really started getting into the Christmas spirit. On Friday night, the Scrapbook Cupboard held it's Holiday party for those customers that participate in a swap. This is a great way to get all the swapping done before the holiday season. There were 4 swaps this year, Kerriann did 2 and I did 2. I'm happy to say that I've retired both of my Circle Journals. What's Cookin'? is done! Completed. Loads of yummy recipes inside.

My other circle journal, Where Should I go? was retired too. It looks full and fun and I haven't given it the due time to look through yet but I will. These are my 3rd and 4th completed circle journals. My other topics were "My Favorite Beverage" and "Pet Peeves". All my topics have spawned great ideas and fabulous layouts!

We also traded ATC cards at the Holiday party. We created 17 cards for this round. And the theme was "Christmas". Fitting for a Holiday party. Here are some of the photos of what we came up with...

My ATC card is the Santa one. He's on the left picture, in the middle next to the monkey. He is a stamp that I embossed with black powder, then I painted in the red and the facial color with a waterbrush and Lyra crayons. The the beard and the top 'fluffy' portion of his hat were Liquid Appliqued. It was fun but a lot of work to make 17. Our next theme is Automobiles and won't be due until February. Whew! I have some time to come up with something.
On Saturday, the family and I went Christmas Tree Shopping. We picked out our evergreen, bought it and brought it home. We set it up but didn't actually decorate it until Sunday. On Sunday morning, Kerriann, Susan and I went to a local craft fair where we, scratch that, where I bought tons of stuff. Then Sunday evening, I attended a gathering at a friends house. Her house was decked in Holiday Cheer. It was a great way to end a festive weekend!
Today I'm going to get to being creative. Maybe I'll have another post later on.

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