Saturday, November 29, 2008

UHU Challenge - November

I love a challenge. Especially a Sketch Challenge. When I first started working for the Scrapbook Cupboard that was the only class I taught, Sketches. Each month I would take a new Sketch and make two different double page scrapbook layouts based on that Sketch. When I saw that November's UHU Challenge had an option for a Sketch, I jumped.

During the month of November, UHU put out 4 challenges with 5 glues. You could choose one challenge and one glue and then, make something with what you had chosen. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to make something for Di Hickman's Sketch Challenge. Here's Di's Sketch...

I chose the UHU All Purpose Twist & Glue for my Glue of choice. I had never heard of this glue before and was eager to try it out.

Here's the supplies I used: UHU Twist and Glue, Pearl metal, Large Mold Number L7 and, Paper Stump by 10 Seconds Studio, Sanding Block by Lucky Squirrel, Winter Wishes Paper by Moxxie, DMC Floss in brown, Puffy Silver Snowflakes (maker unknown), Ranger's Blending Solution in a water pen and Ranger's Stream Alcohol Ink... whew.. it takes a lot to make a card!

Anyhow, I had some left over Moxxie Paper from a Card Swap I did about two months ago and I was so happy with the Pearl colored metal and the paper, that I decided to pair them up again for this card. While I was away cropping a few weekends ago, I picked up some really cute puffy silver snowflakes. You got a bag of about 8 for only 99 cents! What a deal. And I decided to try the trick I learned while taking a class with Tim Holtz in September. Here's a little breakdown of how I made the card...

First I had to decide on my measurements. As you see, I just wrote them on the card. It was going to be covered up anyhow, why not keep your notes handy! I then cut the paper and decided where everything was going to go. After that, I used the L7 Mold to emboss the Pearl Metal and then sanded it. I use the medium chisel tip tool to notch out a space for my printed Happy Holidays. I adhered the Happy Holidays onto the metal with the UHU glue. It worked beautifully! Not all glue works with metal but this one does! It has quite a strong bond. I used the Small tip for the small Happy Holidays and then I twisted it and used the larger tip for all the other pieces of paper and metal. I was extremely happy with how well it bonded the metal to paper. It took a few moments to dry and before it did, you could actually adjust where you wanted the metal to be.
OK, OK, occasionally in my metal classes, there is a complaint... some people just don't like the Humungo adhesive. I'm happy to say that I can offer a substitution to the Humungo adhesive. The UHU All Purpose Twist & Glue . They both offer benefits with the metal and both offer a permanent bond to paper. YAH!!
Anyhow, after I glued everything to my white cardstock, I used some DMC floss to add some stitching. While I'm not usually a stitcher, I thought it best to actually stitch through the metal. I didn't think that a faux stitch look would be best in this situation. I'm glad I did, it came out beautifully! I painted the snowflakes with the blender pen dipped into the Stream Alcohol ink, peeled off the backing and stuck it to the card. Then TADA...

A completed card!
Overall, I was very happy with the UHU All Purpose Twist & Glue. It was a little wet for just paper adhesion. My paper buckled a bit but I'm happy to say that now that it's completely dry, it is flat once more. Flat and very, very sturdy!
Thank you, UHU for allowing me this opportunity to work with your products. I appreciate it!


Sarah said...

Beautiful card, Kim. Thanks for using UHU and taking our November challenge.

Di Hickman said...

Beautiful card Kim! Love the festive look to this and way to go using your sewing machine! Thanks for joining in the challenge!