Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lots to do...

I've found myself behind on a few projects. Don't you just hate when that happens? You commit to something and then, BAM! it's due and you're wondering what you were doing between the time you agreed to do it and the now. Yah, that's me. In all honesty and fairness, I'm trying hard. Real hard. But sometimes inspiration strikes for something else. ...Something you don't have to do. Or something not due yet. That's what today was all about. I finished these cards for a swap I'm doing. It's a Holiday Card Swap that I'm doing with some local gals.
The bird are Metal Embossed in Pearl. The design is a stamp from the Artful Stamper. I believe I linked it a few weeks ago. Anyhow, the paper under is new Christmas Moxxie and there's some stickles and a CTMH stamp saying on the inside.
So now, I can cross that off my list. But it's not due until next month! Whereas the Rolodex and Recipe cards I'm supposed to have finished for another swap... yah, still not done. Oops. But they are on my list! My 'lots to do...' list.

I did finish the Haunted House today! It's looking pretty cool. It's finishing drying right now so I'll take a photo in the morning. But I'll give you another sneak peek now...

I love Halloween, it's probably my most favorite holiday! I bought some large skeletons today for a dollar. I can't remember if I told the blog world, but I bought some of the skeleton's Tim Holtz was selling a few weekends ago. Once my kids saw them they were gone. Theirs. Today, I found similar skeleton's just much larger and bought each of the kids one of those for a buck too! And a string of skeleton's for only 2 bucks! The string will stay mine. I just might have something to do with it.

And there's lot's to do around the house. We've started decorating for Halloween. Bryce fits into almost all of the old Halloween costumes. He's put on the Spiderman costume, the Ice Ninja Costume, the Batman Costume, the Lion Costume and of course the one he's going to be this year, the Evil Knight Costume. Caleb has just worn his Boba Fett Costume. If you remember, he's really addicted to those Star Wars Fett's. I'll have to remember to catch a photo of Bryce when he's doing his 'presto chango' into another character. He's adorable.

I'm off to get some sleep. Hopefully I'll get more done tomorrow!


Danielle said...

Your cards are beautiful! Can't wait to see your haunted house!

Linda C said...

Wow Kim, great job on the cards - now I just have to figure out how to make mine so they can be as beautiful as yours!