Monday, November 3, 2008

My Etsy store...

When I woke this morning my horoscope told me that I would have the best ideas near the water. Visit the ocean or a lake to recharge. Well, I didn't visit any lake or ocean but I did take a shower.

(OK, stop laughing.)

And when I was in there (the shower that is) I thought to myself, you know my Made of Metal Cards at My Creative Classroom ends this week, I wonder what I can put up there next. Then it occurred to me. Heck, I just wrote up the directions for the Harvest Canvas, why not put that up there.

So it is.


Then I also thought in the shower, gee, you know... people aren't going to be able to create the canvases without the leaf. Well, you could but it looks much better with it, don't you think??
Anyhow, that got me thinking. How about an Etsy store. Yah, yah! Great idea. If I open an Etsy store then I can sell them online and offer them to anyone who might want to take my online class or just to own one for themselves.

**What? You don't know what an Etsy store is? Well... Etsy is a place where you can buy and sell all things homemade. Check it out, there's some real cool stuff on there. I bought something on there this past weekend. I'll show you when it's ready. **

OK, so now, after the shower, the walk, the visiting with a friend, the kids coming home, the homework and the dinner I finally posted the leaf.

And after I posted the Leaf on my Etsy store, uploaded the classroom information, made my classroom live (yup, that's right. You can take that class right now over at My Creative Classroom - and you know what I'll do. If you sign up for the class and tell me that you read this blog post, I'll send you - USA residents only - a FREE leaf!!! YAHOO!!!!), updated the Scrapbook Cupboard's blog with Donna's class information, I realized.... Hello!!!! Why not put on the Gargolye too!

So I did.

Now I have an Etsy store. With two items. Maybe more soon, who knows. It appears to be a good place to post the magazines I've had sitting in my studio for almost a year (yes Kerriann - wishes do come true!)

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TXChali said...

Cool idea! Well check them out soon.