Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Metal Wreath 98% done and did you see!

I promised today I would have the metal wreath done. And it is... just about. The metal work is done, but the bow needs a little color so Bev's Colorwashing it for me tonight. My camera battery died so I had to take a photo via camera phone. So it itsn't the best but I'll show you what I have so far...

This is a 12 inch wreath base that's just about completely covered in metal flowers. I was inspired by a design in the book, "The Metal Craft Book" by Janice Eaton Kilby and Deborah Morgenthal. If you own the book you'll see the big difference right away, if you don't own the book... sorry, maybe your local library has it? This book is one of my staple metal working books. You just never know where inspiration will strike!

OK, so I'm so excited to tell you! Mr. Frankentini, he made it on to Cheryl and Megan's blog over at Ten Seconds Studio!!!! How absolutely cool is that? You have to check it out yourself! Yahoo!!

**Edited: Calv asked what type of metal I used. This entire project was made using the Art Metal from 10 Seconds Studio.
Also to note: Bev did Colorwash the bow for me but it came out a purplish color so, no new picture. As soon as I get the right bow, I'll post another pic.


Sherry Goodloe said...

Kim, I love your metal wreath . . . even at 98% complete!

Calv said...

That wreath is gorgeous Kim, i like "different". Did you say which metal it's made from? Great job Kim. :)

DanaB said...

Hey there my friend

This is so cool! Love it. Congrats oon Mr. Fankintini! I love the new colors!

See ya soon


Just-Kim said...

Thank you, everyone! I'm so happy that you're liking it. It really is super easy to make too! Although you will get inky, loads of alcohol inks on it!!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!


Lolly said...

Love your Frankentini on the TSS blog! How fun is that?

wendy vecchi said...

What a beauty!

TXChali said...

Saw the wreath last night at SC and loved it. Great work!