Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends!

My family had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner today. We spent it at Oma's house. She always cooks two birds and hand makes her stuffing, serves Matso Ball soup and makes an incredible amount of mashed potatoes. This year was no different. If she had less than 20 pounds of mashed potatoes, I'd be surprised.

After Dinner, we had pies (which my Mom makes), coffee, looked through the Black Friday sales flyers and then played a few games of Uno. It was a great, great day. Very relaxing and fun.

As I reflect today... I'm extremely thankful for my family, friends and life. May everyone's Thanksgiving be as wonderful as mine.

Happy Holidays, everyone! ~ May the shopping begin!


Marissa said...

Kim, I have an OMA too!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Marissa

Just-Kim said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Marissa! I love the hat in your photo!!