Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have you seen the latest Taco Tuesday?

Taco Tuesday is the name of the series of videos that 10 Seconds Studio makes. They publish a new one online every Tuesday. This week... it's hilarious! I've had the pleasure of meeting Megan and Cheryl and they are a hoot! Funny, funny ladies! These gals know how to have a good time. I met them in April at my certification workshop. Both women are witty, funny and extremely talented! If you've got about 15 minutes of time to spare this evening, check them out. This week was a funny Halloween special.

Cheryl and Megan made rings this week and it got me thinking. You know, I haven't made a metal ring. I've made all this other jewelry from 10 Seconds Studio metals and molds, but never a ring. I guess I'm gonna have to call Megan and order me up a ring tomorrow!

So... when Robin Beam was at the Scrapbook Cupboard in April, I made a beautiful piece from an Amate blank...

I made a few more than that but I couldn't place my fingers on them just at the moment.

When Robin left, I had begun thinking about expanding the metal into jewelry. It seemed a no brainer. So I put some metal into Amate blanks, Ranger Memory Frames, created some of my own pieces too... I held this class last July at the Scrapbook Cupboard. But I still love to pull them out and look at them!
Here's a close up of some of my favorites...

I even created a little video on how to make these beautiful butterflies. I was pretty happy with myself when these came out. They have a nice sturdy backing that I covered in fabric so when they lay on your skin it's not sharp and believe it or not, I've never had a problem with the antennas. They've stayed on nicely. The one on the left is made with aluminum metal wings colored in wild plum, eggplant and butterscotch alcohol inks. The body is made from the Dark Chocolate metal. The right one uses the same colors on the wings but it's over the Pearl metal, a subtle difference, huh? And the body is made from black metal. The wings are made from Big Daddy Mold Number 2 and the bodies are made from Big Mamma Mold Number 10.

Now what do you think? It's metal just great!


Sherry Goodloe said...

All of these are really nice Kim. I LOVE the first one and the metal one you made with the 2 flowers in it.

TXChali said...

The video is hilarious. I love the 10 second studios tools and molds. I am ready for your class on sunday.

Just-Kim said...

Thanks gals! Sherry, the one with the tow flowers and 'bling' in it is one of my favorites too.
And txchali, I can't wait until Sunday. I can't wait to see what you all make. Each person's journal will be unique.

Calv said...

They are all great Kim, but i love those butterflies. Gorgeous colours. Thanks for sharing. :)