Friday, October 10, 2008

Campaign for Creativity...

Did you see the Campaign for Creativity that Donna Downey is starting? Well, I've joined. I've been a fan of Donna's for years. Years!! I own all of her books, bought the Fiskars Drill, used my assets with chipboard and even took several classes with her each time she came around my area. When I read on her blog yesterday that she was reaching out to people create, to believe in themselves, to look inside and see what can be and make it so, I had to jump. I'm one of those people! I do that! Sometimes, I see something and can envision it differently than it already is. My last few posts have kinda covered that. I saw a house with a ghost and a jack o'lantern and I turned into something special. I saw the 10 Seconds Studio Convertible and created Ornaments! Sometimes... things just 'speak' to me. That's why I'm joining. I'm listening to my inner voice and I'm creating. I'm getting out there and I'm showing others how to do it, I'm making the world a prettier place. One creative step at a time.

Come create with us!

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