Thursday, September 18, 2008

What are you watching?

I have a few projects I'm working on. One I'd like to show you but I didn't finish it before I had to go teach my Quickutz Silhouette class tonight, so I'll do it tomorrow and post. So, while thinking about what to write about, I realized... why not tell you what shows I'm watching. You may or may not care but since I'm thinking this is my 'blogbook' (kinda like scrapbooking but blogging instead), I may like to know in the next 5 years what I liked. So here goes...

I'm loving Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsey, man! He's bustin' butts all over the place. And the restaurants he's saved, I'm sure many, many other people would love for him to come and help out. Kitchen Nightmares is on Thursday nights at 9.

Starting next week I'll be watching CSI and Grey's Anatomy. Thursday night's have always been a busy night and this year, I'll have to wait until one of those shows are online to watch as my DVR will only tape two things at a time.

House is on! YAH!! Tuesday's at 8. I've watched since the first show and that "Mr. Little", he's not so nice anymore!!!

Bones. LOVE ME some Bones! David Boreanaz. I've been watching him since he was Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They are on at 8 on Wednesday's. I understand, though in a few weeks Pushing Daisies will be on at that time too. So, I'll be DVRing that night as well. Pushing Daisies was so fresh and fun last year, I can't wait for the new one. I did watch some of Private Practice last year but I have a tough time watching Obstetricians do their 'work' so I might just skip it this year. I've seen her cut through too many people.

Let's see, Desperate Housewives. Hmmm... I only watched some of the episodes last year. I'll give it another try but it might not be a regular thing. And I'm not watching Heroes again. Last year was a bust for me.

Oh, I did - on the advice of Susan - try out Fringe the other day. I'll do it again. It was pretty cool.

Then not on network stations... I love watching new episodes of Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters and Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor. I also love it when those How's it Made shows are on. It's interesting but I don't need to see everyone, only if I'm doing nothing else but blogging about what shows I plan on watching this Fall Season. You know, like now. They are making a pontoon boat. Pretty useless information but interesting to know.

One more non network show I'm loving... True Blood. It's on HBO. I LOVE it! I wish it was on every night. It's based on the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Mysteries. I've owned the original book for years. YEARS! And believe it or not, I've never read it. You better believe I am now! And then I'm sure I'll be moving onto the next in the series. If you've got HBO, give it a try.

So, there's a little about me. Tomorrow I'll be back with a cool project!


summer girl said...

I love Gordon Ramsey, too!! I'm also watching Project Runway...and House, well, I just love to hate him...he's just way too unbearable lately, but I can't stop watching!!!

Anonymous said...

Love me some Angel, but he is just too cute on Bones. I love his interaction with "Sweets." I have way too many shows to watch but will try Pushing Daisies, since you, my mom and bff say I will love it. catching up online but not all episodes on there. have a good weekend.

Just-Kim said...

I've never watched Project Runway, although I've heard many people talk about it.

txchali, I'm so happy they've added Sweets, he's a great addition to the group!