Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!! and a cute Bryce story...

Today is this guys birthday...

That's hubby in his garden earlier this Summer. Today, the man I've spent nearly 16 years of my life (that's exactly 1/2 of my life - can you believe it??!) with is 36.

Although... he had been leading me to believe he was turning 35 up until about a month ago. See... I kinda lost track of time. Just a little. I kept thinking that he was going to be 35 and I'd make references about how 'old' he was going to be. (Ahhh... can't remember that because you're going to be 35 this year... or yah, can't do the fun things you used to do because you're old - almost 35, ya know...) So I was ribbing him about his 'nearly 35' status. And he never corrected me. I know why he never corrected me but I'm not sure he'll admit it... HE forgot too! Yup, I know it. He forgot how old he was until we had to think about the years. 2008 subtracting 1972 HAS to equal an EVEN number. We had a little chuckle about it when we figured it out. I guess we now know when age no longer matters... after you turn 35. It's all a blur after that.

I'm good with that. I'm still 32 for another few months **hehe**.

I have another cute Bryce story today. No photo, unfortunately. I didn't think of it at the time. I didn't know it was going to be cute. See, it's getting cold here in Massachusetts. Autumn is on it's way and I've been fighting a cold for a few days (does that explain my lack of posts?) so I've been really cold at night. Today I decided was a good day to take out the comforters and wash them.

~We have 3 cats and if it's not covered in plastic, it's theirs to lay on and when you haven't used it all Summer long, the cat hair piles up and really... it's just easier to spend the 15 quarters to wash it again.~

So off to the laundromat Bryce and I go. I bring my two comforters, my detergent and my 10 dollar bill. Bryce is a big helper and puts one of the comforters in a big loader for me, I put in 1/2 the detergent and stroll over to get quarters. HE, plays with the machine and figures out how it closes, opens and decides to load the other comforter in another machine. So, we're all set, he adds all 15 quarters to one machine and BAM!

the machine starts. He jumps back, looks at it and giggles. WOW!

B: Mom, what an awesome show!!

M: Yes, Bryce. Would you like to put the quarters in this machine?

B: Yup, One... two... three... four... ...(2 minutes later)


The next machine starts.

B: AWESOME!!! Wow, look at that one, it is all soapy. Look at all the colors.

M: Yup, it's pretty awesome. Ready to go?

B: Nope, I'm gonna stay here and watch the show.

M: What! It's a 23 minute show, let's go pick up Mom's books at the library.

B: No, Mom, this is the BEST SHOW EVER!!!

I tell you. If I'd have known that laundry was the best show ever, I would have bought a side loading machine so my kids could watch that rather than rot their brains with Spongebob or ICarly. I did manage to convince Bryce that we could go to the library and come back and still be able to see the 'end of the show'. So we did that. Who'd have known that watching laundry spin was such a great show? I know of someone who's watching her laundry spin tonight and she's not as thrilled as Bryce. For her, I hope it was a quick show!


Bernadette Deleon-Rees said...

happy 3-whatever birthday, Patrick!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Happy Birthday Patrick! I can contest to the fact that after 35 time just freaking flies by. Gosh just send Bryce over to Kristin's and he can see a double feature in her basement next time she does laundry.

Just-Kim said...

I'll let him know your birthday wishes! As for the double feature... if Kristin wants help, I'll ask Bryce if he wants to watch! hehe!