Saturday, August 9, 2008

Surprise Party ...and a Course Completed!

Last night a group of friends traveled into Boston to the Venezia restaurant. We sat and waited with people we didn't know. We met family members and friends of a woman we all came to see. Last night, we celebrated Mimi's 60th birthday. And she was surprised!!!

Mimi's daughter put together this fabulous celebration and some of her closest friends were invited to come and join in on the festivities. I was honored to be one of those people. A few of us that were invited got together and created an album for her. She loved it (or, I think she did. You decide...)

There was excellent food, drinks and cute little thank you gifts. Fran and Alex danced in their seats! Susan did what she does best... took fabulous photos! (Those you see here are the ones I took before my camera batteries went dead.) Kristin told funny stories, she's a barrel of laughs that girl! And we even met Heidi there too!
I had a wonderful time and was so happy that this event was put together for Mimi. She deserves it!

BUT... Mimi's birthday celebrations didn't end last night, we're off to Fran's house on Tuesday (Mimi's actual birthdate) to continue our celebration and then Mimi is traveling to LA to celebrate out there with other friends. What a great way to spend a 60th birthday! I hope I'm as lucky when I get there!!


And for more exciting news to share!! I am now officially a Certified Quickutz Silhouette teacher for the Scrapbook Cupboard!!

I'm happy to have completed this course and can boast to be the first certified teacher in Massachusetts! (according to the QK website)

Another great course completed. I learned a lot taking this class and I'm happy I did. I feel much more confident in my Silhouette and I really think that I can do so much more with it now.

I'll let you know if any Silhouette classes will be scheduled.


Mimi said...

Just Mimi saying a million thank you's to all of you for making my birthday so special. As you can see from my look, I was speechless and couldn't believe my eyes, especially when I saw so many of the friends I've been privileged to meet and make over the last several years. I didn't know that my daughter had found my email list. Clever girl! Thank you again! And, yes, I loved the album with those special messages from each of you. Now I know why you were taking all those silly pictures of us the past several times I saw you. You are the BEST!

Just-Kim said...

You are so welcome, Mimi! I'm glad you had a great time! Happy Birthday!!