Monday, August 4, 2008

Review Monday

How about a review today? It's early so you may yet get another post but I just watched something that I need to share.
I'm a little bit of a horror fan. I have always enjoyed books about the ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves and anything else that may go bump in the night. One of the scareist stories I remember reading as a kid was in Night Shift by Stephen King. Although my dog-eared copy is an older version with a hand and eyes on the front cover, that's the book to the left. For some reason the The Boogeyman really got me. As a teenager, it got me looking behind closet doors, under my bed and checking out the shower! This classic has many other stories I can vividly remember. Children of the Corn, Lawnmower Man, Quitters, Inc (did you ever see that story on film? Yikes, maybe that's a reason why I never tried smoking!?!), and another favorite... Trucks.
Over the years I've been a fan of Mr. Stephen King. Reading some but not all of his stories. I'm really partial to those that take place in Maine. I guess I like the familiar. One of my other favorites was Bag of Bones. He mentions both the Fryeburg Fair and Lake Keewaydin in this book. Both of which I'm familiar with. (Lake Keewaydin being where I spent all of last week.)
So last week I got an email from him, not Mr. King directly but his newsletter, and he was advertising a new book coming out and a special "Groundbreaking New Project". You can view, for Free, a short story made into an animated comic strip from his new book due out in November. The book is called Just After Sunset and will hit the shelves on 11/11/2008. OK, OK, so where can you view his new video? Well, it's in installments. If you are a King fan, you'll know he likes to keep you hanging with 'installments'. Does anyone remember The Green Mile? I had to wait a month between those installments! This is just daily. Everyday in August, they will release another minute and a half to two minutes of animated video clips. So far, I've watched all 6 and I'm hooked! I'm enjoying the story. I hope you do too...

I've been thinking about adding a review on what I've read, listened to, watched or heard about. Leave a comment and tell me if you like this idea. While Stephen King may only whet the appetite of Kristin and me, I am a diverse gal and maybe next week we'll talk about how to divide your Irises. You just never know.


TXChali said...

just finished the N series, and i'm intrigued. will keep reading. thanks for passing it on. -- susan

Just-Kim said...

I think it's so cool that it updates right here on the blog. I don't have to go anywhere else to get my daily dose of King!